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EngTechNow - stand out with EngTech

Working closely with further-education colleges, technical colleges, training providers and employers, the EngTechNow campaign aims to promote EngTech registration as the standard to which all engineering technicians aspire.

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What are the aims of EngTechNow?

The core aim of the EngTechNow campaign is to place EngTech professional registration – and the standards by which EngTech is assessed – at the heart of the engineering profession, prompting a step-change in the recognition, adoption and ongoing use of the EngTech title.

Engineering technicians play a crucial and invaluable role across most industry sectors, making them vital to the future prosperity of the UK. At present, there is a real need to help spur growth in the numbers of professionally registered engineering technicians to ensure the high standards necessary to meet future demand.

The campaign is supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.


What is EngTech?

EngTech is a professional title awarded to engineering technicians.

In simple terms, the letters ‘EngTech’ after your name mark you out as a professionally registered engineering technician who has demonstrated the knowledge, skills and commitment to join the national register of professional engineers and technicians.

Applying for EngTech

You must be a member of the IET before applying for professional registration. For more information please visit the ‘About IET membership’ page.

More information about the benefits of gaining EngTech and how to apply can be found on our Professional Registration web pages.


Case studies

IET members who are professionally registered share their thoughts below on the benefits of EngTech and explain how they achieved their professional registration. You can find more case studies on our ‘Meet the Members’ web pages.