IET supports the creation of new student engineering society

Thanks to IET sponsorship, engineering students at Loughborough University now have a new engineering society.

Loughborough University's sign The Loughborough Homebrew Tech Society is a student hobby electronics society that was started at the beginning of this academic year. Its aim is to support students in creative electronics and software projects outside of their normal degree course.

“We offer space, equipment and a community ethos to help members bring their ideas to life, as well as guided sessions and tutorials for those who are interested but less experienced. Working on these kinds of projects outside of a taught degree programme helps to reinforce the theory being learnt during the course, whilst allowing members the freedom to pursue projects that match their interests,” says Daniel Browne, a Loughborough postgraduate research student, and the society’s secretary.

The society currently has roughly 30 members, which is a pretty impressive feat considering it is only a few months old.

Created with IET sponsorship support

Its creation was supported by IET sponsorship, something IET student members and Academic Partners can apply for if they’d like financial support to improve facilities, hold special events etc.

“Students of engineering and technology are critical to the future of the IET,” says Victoria Critchlow academic account manager at the IET. “We are keen to support those students studying within our Academic Partner universities both in the social and independent elements of their university time, as well as by the academic benefits that their membership provides. 

“We have created an opportunity for student societies to request financial sponsorship for a range of things from initially setting up a society, to buying kit, transport for off site visits through to funds to cover the cost of a buffet for a society quiz night. Additional opportunities include raising awareness of their activities and events through press releases like this on the student area of the IET website.”

“IET sponsorship possibilities were introduced to me via one of my PhD supervisors James Flint, who is also the IET contact for the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering at Loughborough University,” highlights Daniel.

“We had some discussions with Victoria as to what we would be aiming to achieve as a society, and what sponsorship options might be suitable. It was decided in the end that the IET would sponsor us in this, our first year by providing us with equipment such as bench-top power supplies and other larger instruments like oscilloscopes, which are expensive and we would have not been able to purchase otherwise.

What the society gets up to

Running since early October, the society holds weekly sessions and so far has covered topics including the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. It’s still early days but the society has big plans for the months ahead. These include organising trips to so-called ‘maker fairs’ and ‘hack-a-thons’ where like-minded people come together to build things and share ideas and experience.

“We are also looking at working on one or two larger projects which we can collaborate on as a society throughout the academic year,” Daniel adds.

For more details on IET sponsorship, or to apply, please email Victoria Critchlow.

More information on the Loughborough Homebrew Tech Society visit their website.