Past graduate case studies

Explore our entire archive of engineering and technology graduate case studies, where graduates past and present share their grad scheme experiences.

Thales graduate, Elliot Blazewicz

Thales graduate - Elliot Blazewicz

Elliot Blazewicz works as a systems engineer for Thales as part of the company’s graduate scheme. Since joining the Thales graduate scheme he has worked on four projects in the areas of optronics, avionics and mission systems. Currently he is working on an UAV based ISTAR programme, which is centred around data capture, transfer and exploitation to enhance communication and awareness on the battlefield.


Murrell (bottom right with blue tie) and his SUV project teammates

Babcock graduate - Tom Murrell

After starting an apprenticeship and taking four years out to work as a chef in the French Alps Murrell eventually returned to his passion for engineering and completed a degree in marine engineering. He first came across Babcock through its undergraduate summer placement scheme and signed up for the graduate scheme when his course was finished. So far he's been involved in the replacement of high importance machinery on the Vanguard Class submarines and troubleshooting any design issues with the mechanical systems on a 96m mega yacht.


Cable&Wireles workers in action

CW Worldwide graduates

Tom Worley and Richard Newbould had both heard great things about the IET accredited Cable&Wireless (CW) Worldwide graduate scheme: that there was some really great opportunities to shape your career with excellent benefits to boot, and so applied and were accepted onto the scheme. One of the main aspects of the CW Worldwide scheme is that it offers four placements across the company, where possible providing the graduates with the chance to work overseas.


Cathy Young

IBM graduate - Cathy Young

Cathy Young is on IBM's graduate scheme, which she decided to apply for after attending an open day at the company's software development lab at Hursley, near Winchester. She currently works as a software developer for IBM's WebSphere Message Broker, but one of the highlights has been the variety of things she has been able to take part in at IBM, as there's never a shortage of interesting projects you can choose to get involved with.


Matthew Davis

QinetiQ graduates

On the QinetiQ graduate scheme, Matt Davis and Richard Hill share their experiences and highlight the many benefits of joining a graduate scheme. They have been lucky enough to get involved in a multitude of projects as they moved around the company, undertaking work ranging from building various prototypes to working on classified ventures. They can also take part in the Core Graduate Development Programme (CGDP) at Henley, which contributes as the first year of an MBA.