The Siemens Transmission and Distribution Limited graduate scheme

Siemens Transmission and Distribution Limited (STDL) runs an IET accredited graduate scheme for those interested in power engineering.

Siemens office building - exterior view The STDL graduate engineering scheme was set up roughly five years ago. The number of graduates taken on varies each year depending on the company's needs, however on average three people join the scheme each year - so competition is tough.

"The scheme runs for 18 months and the graduates rotate through the business, covering tendering, project management and various aspects of engineering," says Deborah Heathcote, senior business assistant at STDL.

"There is also a 12 week placement on a site," she continues, "and salaries are reviewed every six months until the scheme ends."

There's a strong focus on professional development on the scheme, with each graduate being given a line manager and a choice of mentor - who is usually a Chartered Engineer. These mentors help guide the graduates towards Chartership themselves.

Benefits of the STDL graduate scheme

We caught up with one graduate, Edward Decker, who recently finished the scheme and now sits within the control engineering group.

"There are definitely a few benefits to joining a grad scheme, but with regards to STDL in particular I think there are three main benefits," he says.

"Firstly, it is accredited by the IET hence competencies gained through the scheme also count towards professional development (CEng). Secondly, moving around the core teams within the business gives a broader understanding and experience of the business as a whole. Finally, there is an opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects right from the start," he enthuses.

What STDL looks for and where it looks

STDL looks for students with a BEng or MEng in electrical and electronic engineering (preferably a 2.1 or above), who have a keen interest in power engineering.

The company looks at three areas when on the search for new graduates to join the company. Firstly it recruits via the IET Power Academy scheme. It also considers people who come to its attention via its corporate award scheme.

"Our corporate graduate recruitment team holds an engineering award scheme every year. Universities are asked to nominate their top engineering students for the 'Sir William Siemens Medal' award," says Heathcote. "We have been lucky that two nominees have accepted an offer to join Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd.

"If we still have vacancies after the above we would advertise on the Siemens Internet and work closely with the graduate recruitment team to source suitable candidates," she adds.