The Sellafield Ltd graduate scheme

Sellafield’s two-year graduate scheme gives you numerous opportunities to experience the different challenges a nuclear establishment can offer.

A welder at work Sellafield Ltd’s graduate scheme lasts two years and gives you the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional expert in your chosen discipline, with numerous opportunities to experience the different challenges a nuclear establishment can offer you.

The scheme covers plant engineering, safety, project management, technical support as well as design engineering.

“Design engineering covers a wide range of activities and supports both operational plants and decommissioning projects. You’ll gain experience throughout the project lifecycle, from concept and design, through to construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning, giving you an invaluable all-round insight into a fascinating discipline,” says Laura Ryan, a senior CE&I engineer at Sellafield.

“From day one, you are employed in a challenging and stretching job. At the end of the two-year programme you will remain in a role commensurate with the skills and experience you have acquired throughout the programme,” she continues.

“This could be a full range of roles depending on your discipline. A lot of this will be down to you. You will be encouraged to own and drive your own development. With frequent reviews with your line management, mentor and the graduate support team you will be able to dictate your own destiny. Your mentor will stay in place until your accreditation is complete.

Benefits of the Sellafield graduate scheme

“A typical starting salary is around £27,000. This is reviewed every year too, so you can be assured that we’ll keep it competitive,” she adds.

Plus, for the first eight weeks of employment, the organisation even pays your rent!

“For many of our graduates this is one of the best benefits of all,” says Ryan. “As soon as you start employment we’ll pay £175 directly into your bank account each week to help you settle in and enjoy yourself without having to wait for your first pay packet. There’s also plenty of information provided on the best areas to live and how to find yourself somewhere to live.

“Re holiday entitlement, you’ll receive a minimum of 25.5 days per year plus bank holidays, which increases to 28.5 and 32.5 with ten and twenty years service respectively,” she continues. “We also offer accrued days and for some employees, flexitime arrangements.

Upon taking up your appointment you’ll also automatically become a member of the Combined Nuclear Pension Plan (CNPP) [new window].

What Sellafield looks for

When looking for graduate scheme recruits, the organisation expects a minimum of a 2:1 degree and a master’s level is preferred.

It also looks for skills in areas such as teamwork, communication as well as confidence, integrity and plenty of enthusiasm. Head to Sellafield’s vacancies website [new window] for more information and to apply.