Ramanathan Jothi, project engineer, Siemens Ltd

Working as a project engineer for Siemens in India, 25 year old Ranamathan Jothi is currently in the third role of his professional career. His focus is on electrical automation projects.

Ramanathan Jothi I currently work as a project engineer for Siemens Ltd in Thane, India. I enjoy working in engineering and my main work revolves around electrical automation projects. I am in involved in design work as well as project documentation and leading the projects. There is always a lot to do: design drawings, preparing technical datasheets, preparing operation and maintenance manuals for customers and executing calculations. I do really enjoy working on project estimations, however wiring diagrams and IO lists are my least favourite things to do!

I also get involved in the tendering process, so I work closely with potential customers, trying to understand their needs so I can propose a suitable offer to them. This is really enjoyable.

Gaining responsibility

As I've gained more experience I've been given more responsibility, which although daunting is great. My newest responsibilities in this role have included handling multiple projects and multiple prospects. By working on several different things I'm able to gain more experience.

Starting out

Before I took this role I worked in the past as both a commissioning and site engineer. I did find it was tough starting my working life as a young, fresh engineer, especially when it came to finding a job. However after getting some experience I found companies would begin to contact me, so finding work became easier.

I do enjoy my career but I have to say a working engineer's life is full of challenges. I think it is important to keep yourself up to date with the latest technologies and trends in order to keep relevant and have the necessary skills moving forward.

My advice to young engineers

I would advise fresh graduates and those getting started in the industry to study well and give yourself a specialisation in order to stand out. I've found, for example, that programming courses and skills like PLC and SCADA, or IT communication related courses can really help when it comes to full-time work.

There are of course lots of ups and downs, however I've enjoyed the learning process so far - finding out about the culture of multinational companies, discovering the importance of peer-to-peer communication for example. I've found that these kinds of experiences have helped my self-growth.

I have found that already I am considering becoming my own boss however. In my mind I've raised the question how long am I going to work for these organisations? When will I start to work for myself? Looking forward though, I'd like to continue gaining more good experience, and in around ten years time be in a management position in my field.

However my career progresses though, I want to make sure I'm seen as a sound, skilled technical person in my field and that I'm also a good administrator. I do aim to eventually become professionally registered at either IEng or CEng level.