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Early career - case studies

Newly qualified engineers and technologists share their experiences on starting work full-time.

Want to know what life is actually like when you start working full-time as a qualified engineer or technologist? A number of young professionals have taken the time to give you an insight into their own experiences moving from education into a working environment. What the first few weeks were like, how easy it was to settle in, what they've experienced during their first year and what they wish they'd known when they's all here for you to find out.


James McNally

James McNally - applications engineering specialist

James has been working as an applications engineering specialist with National Instruments for two and a half years. He talks about how he landed this role, what it was like to start working full-time and what he’s learnt so far.



Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin - structural engineer

Sarah works as a structural engineer for Michael Barclay Partnership (MBP), a small/medium sized office of engineers, CAD technicians and an admin team. She was lucky enough to take on this role straight from university in mid 2012.



Matt Greenhalgh, electronic design engineer

Matt Greenhalgh - electronic design engineer

Matt took on the role of electronic design engineer after completing the Siemens UK graduate programme. Day-to-day he’ll work on a range of tasks from design work and testing to processing changes and working with suppliers.



Philippa Jefferis

Philippa Jefferis - assistant engineer and project manager

After graduation Philippa joined Amey’s rotational placement graduation scheme, taking on a new role every six months. Her current focus is on the management of road networks.



Rebecca Stonhill

Rebecca Stonhill - graduate engineer

Graduate engineer Rebecca works for the Defence Engineering Science Group, part of the Ministry of Defence. Her focus is on weapons, ordnance, munitions and explosives and she’s gaining experience through industry placements.



James Bulleid, Highways technology director

James Bulleid - Highways technology director

From site engineer to managerial role: James has risen up the ranks at Costain since he graduated from his engineering and management MEng five years ago.



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