Why study engineering?

Studying engineering can lead to exciting career prospects and top salaries, as engineering companies, career specialists and students themselves highlight.

Collaborative working If you're considering studying engineering in some form, it's good to know how you'll benefit from a qualification in this area. We spoke to a number of career specialists, engineering companies and engineering students themselves to give you a full run down of the reasons why you should study engineering. 

Read on to check out the skills you'll gain, the money you can earn and the career satisfaction you'll get from choosing an engineering-based education, and why one student wouldn't study anything else...

Why study engineering?

Good money, lots of variety, the chance to be part of a renowned group of professionals and always in demand - what's not to like about a career in engineering?

Why I love engineering

Why I love engineering: whether it's designing electric cars in the US, measuring ice melt in the arctic, or developing missile defence systems in the Middle East, I don't want to be anything other than an engineer.

Shape the future - Tsz's booklet

Engineering student Tsz Fok put together this booklet to inspire school pupils to view engineering as an exciting career option.

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