Applying to UK universities

International students: advice on applying to study in the UK.

Christchurch University, Oxford Support for non-UK students looking to gain further education in the UK. Find out about the UK's higher education system, applying to UK universities and how much it costs to live in the UK.

We also have some useful advice on immigration and financial support.

The UK higher education system

Find out more about the UK's well-respected higher education system, including the types of qualifications available, and the UK academic year timetable.

UK universities

For international students, applying to UK universities can seem like a daunting exercise, but this is not the case. As long as you give yourself enough time, the process is simple, and you should hopefully come out of it with a place at the UK university of your choice.

UK living and study costs

International students: find out the costs of UK study: tuition fees, accommodation prices and other living costs.

International scholarships

Many International students need to apply for scholarships and grants to help them financially.

UK immigration for international students

What visa, if any, do you need to study in the UK?

Contacts for international students

Contact details for organisations supporting international students. These include organisations offering grant and finance advice, UK university course information and country-specific support groups.