Student diaries - Tiffany Booth

Tiffany joined the IET student diary team at the end of the second year of her four year computer science MEng at Lancaster University. She talks about her passion for computing, the importance of finding the right course and the realities of undertaking a master's degree.

Tiffany Booth

Summer/Autumn 2013 diary entry

Tiffany’s had the hardest summer of her life. Not only was her dream US summer job not all she had hoped it would be, she had to come to terms with the fact that she didn’t get the grades she needed to return to university.

Spring 2013 diary entry

After taking it a bit too easy at the beginning of the year, Tiffany’s now struggling with her workload and deadlines. But it’s not all doom and gloom: she’s also been accepted onto BUNAC's Work America programme!

Autumn 2012 diary entry

Tiffany’s still on track for her master’s degree, although she just made the 2:1 she needed. She’s also been given her final year project, which involves writing an algorithm to analyse tweets and decide how cool a user is.

Summer 2012 diary entry

Tiffany talks about her experiences on her computer science MEng course and how much the first and second years have differed.


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