Student diaries - Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee began his diary with his arrival as a first year student at the University of Surrey. After studying in Singapore and a placement at an electronics design automation company, he now shares his experience as a final-year student researching computer vision processing.

Ankur is foreground - second from the right

Winter 2013 diary entry

Having graduated, Ankur says goodbye to life as a student, but shares with us the challenges he faced during his final year at university, including dealing with depression.

Spring 2013 diary entry

When not working on his final year project Ankur’s focusing on his professional and personal development by working with university societies and is considering whether to apply for jobs or stay in academia.

Autumn 2012 diary entry

Ankur looks back and what he’s learnt from his year long industrial placement, and prepares himself for his return to student life and a much smaller income!

Summer 2012 diary entry

Ankur continues to discover how different working life is from university and is given the opportunity to attend DATE 2012. He also offers advice to students currently searching for internships.

Spring 2012 diary entry

Adjusting to working life after being a university student has been tough for Ankur, but after a few months he’s found his stride and is making the most of his year-long industry internship.  

Autumn 2011 diary entry

Ankur talks about his summer internship in Singapore and finally finding an industrial placement. He's enjoying working life and all that comes with it and is gaining many new skills.

Summer 2011 diary entry

His exchange year in Singapore coming to an end, Ankur has chosen to stay on for the summer as a research intern. However his hunt for an industrial placement back in the UK is getting tougher…

Spring 2011 diary entry

As a study exchange student in Singapore, Ankur's experiencing different approaches to learning and trying out new disciplines alongside engineering. He's also had the chance to backpack across Asia!

Summer / Autumn 2010 diary entry

International student Ankur has taken the opportunity to spend a year abroad in Singapore through a study exchange programme.

Spring 2010 diary entry

In a few weeks our end-of-year exams will be held. These determine who gets to keep their scholarships and who has a better academic record to show when seeking positions for the placement year etc.

Autumn 2009 diary entry

Arriving as an overseas student, Fresher's Week parties, starting the course and making friends - Ankur's first experience as a new university student.


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