About Ankur Banerjee

Find out more about our student diary writer Ankur Banerjee and why he chose an engineering degree.

Ankur is foreground - second from the right I'm a huge fan of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series and my greatest regret is that I couldn't attend Hitchcon 2009. I enjoy watching good movies of all genres - not just sci-fi, and enjoy tearing apart terrible movies on my personal blog even more. That's probably all the personal information you need about me for now.

So why did I choose to take up engineering? Every boy has a fascination with some sort of gadget or machinery: for some it may be chopper bikes, others might prefer rocket science. For me, it happens to be computers. As Sheldon Cooper from the TV series Big Bang Theory puts it, engineers are "merely the Oompa-Loompas of science". 

It's going to be a challenging and exciting career

Well, that's not really relevant in the modern world - and especially in electronics and computers. In a field like this, there really isn't much to delineate as pure science and pure engineering. As an electronic engineer, work is all about cleverly implementing ideas to provide users a fruitful and engaging product or experience. At least, that's what I think! A lot of innovation in electronics and computing takes place not just in research, but in the real world implementation. I think this can make a challenging and exciting career, and that's why I chose it.

Flexible modules

I chose this particular degree pathway at the University of Surrey because it gives the greatest amount of flexibility in choosing modules in my final year. I intend to use the experience I gain from my placement year (I'm on that particular pathway option too), networking events et al, to find out exactly what kind of job I want to get into.

Still, I reckon roughly that something related to digital electronics and computing is what I want. If I fail, then my plan B is to become an evil scientist and terrorise people with my death-ray-equipped giant rubber duck. (I shall enrol evil minions too at that point, in case you want in.)

An overseas student

Oh, I forgot to add that I'm here as an overseas student. I hail from New Delhi, India, and hopefully, I'll be able to add an international perspective to what studying electronics is like in the UK through my blog posts.

I chose to the study in at the University of Surrey as it's one of the best places to study electronic engineering in the UK. It's got a strong background in research, and more importantly has a focus on professional development. With a strong placement record and great feedback in student surveys, Surrey seems to be a great place to be.

I fully expect to have a great time at university, and expect to learn loads too. Signing off for now - and never forget your towel...