Student diaries - Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui began writing a student diary for the IET on the start of his second year at university in Saudi Arabia. Here he shares the ups and downs of those university middle years.

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui

Autumn 2011 diary entry

Abdul talks about what he learnt during his summer internship and his latest dilemma - whether to look for a full-time position after completing his degree or move into post-graduate education and a career in research…

Summer 2011 diary entry

Completing final exams, working on group projects and searching for internships. Abdul share's his highs and lows from the last few months.

Spring 2011 diary entry

Choosing the right courses in your final year of university is a very important - and stressful - undertaking, as Abdul shares in his latest IET diary entry.

Summer / Autumn 2010 diary entry

Studying computer engineering in Saudi Arabia, Abdul highlights the problems he's overcome dealing with hardware and how he's now beginning to feel like a real engineer.

Spring 2010 diary entry

Looking back and reflecting on my previous diary entry, I don't feel like I've personally changed, but my student life definitely took some interesting twists and turns.

Autumn 2009 diary entry

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui's shares his experiences of his first term as a 2nd year uni student.


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