About Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui is vice president of the IET The King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) Young Members Section (YMS). Here he talks about his passion for engineering and his goals post-graduation.

Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui Having business incorporated in my genes, engineering in my mind and logic, and journalism in my heart and jaw, I'm a computer engineering student during weekdays, a designer/architect during the evenings and a writer during the weekends.

Although I originally, ancestrally, culturally and by all other means belong to India, I have lived in Saudi Arabia all my life. My dad has been a chemical engineer and researcher at the university I now attend, since before my birth. I like to think I have been lucky to be born and grow up on a university campus and city.

Growing up surrounded by professionals and researchers

A huge circle of professionals around me has created an inspiringly competitive and resourceful academic and educational atmosphere for me to dwell in. Adding to all this, my university campus/city is like a mini-earth to speak of. It's cosmopolitan and multicultural environment provided me with opportunities to socialise with people from different parts of the world and from different walks of life. All this, I believe, helps expand one's thinking and creativity. 

As a child, I always loved it when my dad used to take me along to his research labs. The huge machines, weirdly shaped instruments and equipments, computers used to excite me.

"No! Do not touch anything, it's not safe for children!" my dad used to shout whenever I couldn't control my eagerness to play with what I used to call "dad's toys".

Access all areas

All the more, there were only a few areas I could go into. The others, as my dad said, were restricted areas, you had to be a grown up wearing ugly looking masks with crazy goggles on it for protection. The very fact that I wasn't allowed to access all these exciting and intriguing things had aroused a strange eagerness in me.

I guess it was from right then that it got engraved on my heart and mind to pursue engineering, and advance further to becoming a researcher like my father, so I could play with his toys! I was lucky I think, in that I knew what I wanted to do before leaving school.

What to specialise in

Engineering is the path I opted for, but which branch of engineering to go into was a serious dilemma.

Enough research of various engineering programs offered by different prestigious institutions across the globe and the simultaneously growing fascination of mine towards technology (computers, mobile phones, iPods, and other gadgets, etc.) manifested into my becoming a student of computer engineering.

Future plans

I intend to complete my bachelors in Computer Engineering and then march ahead into a masters and then a PhD for research and development into specialised sectors like electronics, robotics and telecommunications.

When I dream about my future, I love to see myself as a global citizen, a global engineer - one that journeys around the world contributing the products of his knowledge and intellect to all and alike - across the world. I crave to see myself as a dynamic, vibrant, vigorous, world renowned researcher and Nobel Prizes (that's Prizes!) winner, serving my nation and people in specific, and the entire humanity in general.

What I hope to learn from my uni experience

By the time I graduate, I hope to have learnt and acquired much more than just a degree - the ability to exploit my potential to the fullest extent, to exercise my talents and express myself, to acquire people skills, life skills, etc are but a few from the never ending list. I hope to acquire all that is needed to face the challenges of the life out there and live the life of a respectable and honourable gentleman, working for the betterment of Humanity. Being a part of IET, I believe, will add the impetus to achieving all that.