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Student diaries

Want to hear what the uni experience is really like? Each term our IET student bloggers write up a diary entry of their experiences that semester.

Want to know what a fresher's social life is really like or how tough final year coursework can be? 

How about what it's like to be an international or female student engineer? Read on for a glimpse into their lives.


Erin Nolan

Erin Nolan diary

Erin Nolan is currently in the second year of her electrical and mechanical MEng at the University of Edinburgh. Before starting her course she spent a year in industry at the Science Technology Facilities Council, and she’s also the inventor of a walking aid entitled the OneStep.


Aurelia Hibbert

Aurelia Hibbert diary

IET Diamond Jubilee Scholar Aurelia is an MEng engineering student at Cambridge University. Since starting her degree she's joined the Cambridge University Eco-Racing Team and become a member of Engineers Without Borders and the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholars’ Council.


Matthew Nethercote

Matthew Nethercote diary

IET Power Academy scholar Matthew is undertaking a five-year electronic and electrical engineering sandwich degree course at Queen's University Belfast. He’s now returned to his studies after undertaking a year in industry at Analog Devices.


Past student diaries

Explore our archive of past student diary writers, who share their experiences of studying engineering or technology.