Past engineering student case studies

Explore our entire archive of engineering and technology student case studies, where students past and present share their experiences.

Abigail Arulandu - Electronics and computer systems MEng student

Abigail Arulandu - Electronics and computer systems MEng student

Abby recently completed an MEng in electronics and computer systems at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and was nominated as a finalist for the Wellingtonian of the Year awards for her presentation work.



Jeannette Heiligers

Jeannette Heiligers - Polar satellite PhD student

Jeannette Heiligers, originally from the Netherlands but now living in Glasgow, has just completed her PhD at the University of Strathclyde, which focused on improving the way satellites monitor the polar regions.



Lili Tao, Structure of motion PhD student

Lili Tao - Structure of motion PhD

Engineer and pianist, Lili uses music to bring creativity to her research. A proactive student, she has published papers and presented internationally, including at the IET’s Present around the World competition.



Gurpreet Johl, Engineering science student

Gurpreet Johl - Engineering science student

Gurpreet always found it interesting to learn how things work and the more he got involved in different engineering-related activities, the more it seemed like the right choice for further education.



Sean Maguire, PhD student

Sean Maguire - Altitude estimation systems PhD student

Life as an engineering PhD student allows you to get to grips with a really interesting problem over a fairly long period of time, as well as providing the opportunity to get involved in other projects and gain experience.



Daisy Prior

Daisy Prior - MEng student

Daisy had the opportunity to explore engineering at school and wants to make a difference to society. Her four-year MEng at the University of Cambridge stays general until she chooses a specialism in her third year.



Archie Lodge

Archie Lodge - MEng student

A Year in Industry, working with charity Engineering Without Borders and being awarded an IET Belling Scholarship: engineering student Archie has already achieved so much!



Josh McTigue

Josh McTigue - mechanical engineering student

Josh McTigue was awarded an IET FUSE scholarship for the duration of his mechanical engineering degree at the University of Cambridge, allowing him to enjoy all the opportunities university life offers.



James Oatley

James Oatley - BEng student

A lover of electronics and music, James has proactively pursued his interests and gained valuable experience. Discovering the perfect university course, he’s now working towards a career in electronic engineering.



Nesma Al-Shaikhly

Nesma Al-Shaikhly - electronics and nanotechnology MEng student

A passion for physics led Nesma to this MEng, where she’s designed an iPhone app, written breathaliser code and worked in cleanrooms. Accepted on the Study Abroad program, she now plans to spend a year studying in California.



Rosie Lowther

Rosie Lowther - University of Cambridge

A Headstart course introduced Rosie to engineering as a career option, and now she’s undertaking an MEng to further her skills. She hopes future work experience will help her choose a sector to focus on.



Matthew Douthwaite

Matthew Douthwaite - MEng student

Matthew Douthwaite has already gained some great experience, having taken part in an Engineering Education Scheme project during his A levels, then a Year in Industry placement with DSTL. He’s now studying at Imperial College.



Leonardo Impett

Leonardo Impett - University of Cambridge MEng engineering student

Awarded a 2011 National Electronics Council Scholarship, Impett is working towards a possible career within aerospace. Here he shares his thoughts on student life and how it is important to maintain a variety of interests.



Joe Kinrade, University of Bath PhD student

Joe Kinrade - University of Bath PhD student

Kinrade's PhD research involved six weeks camping in the wilds of Antarctica, gathering data from isolated GPS receiver arrays, even spending Christmas at the South Pole!



Judy Black, electrical and electronic engineering MEng student

Judy Black - electrical and electronic engineering MEng student

Sponsored through the Power Academy scheme by Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE), Black is undertaking her degree at Queen's University Belfast and aims for a career in power engineering in the province.



Becky Dawes, engineering science MEng student

Becky Dawes - engineering science MEng student

IET Jubilee Scholarship winner Dawes is enjoying life at Oxford University and is already planning her internships, ready for an international career in software engineering.



Alex Lee, University of Cambridge engineering undergraduate

Alex Lee - University of Cambridge engineering undergraduate

Studying a general engineering course is giving Alex Lee the chance to gain experience across a number of sectors, allowing him to make a more informed decision about the path his career will take.



Haider Butt, electrical engineering PhD student

Haider Butt - electrical engineering PhD student

Researching nanophotonics and metamaterials, Haider Butt is working towards a successful career in academia. In 2010 he was awarded an IET Postgraduate Scholarship for his work.