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Sam Presley, MEng electronics student

Sam Presley - MEng electronics student

Studying electronics at the University of Southampton, Sam feels he has an exciting career ahead of him. He believes work experience is hugely important in helping students with their early career and plans to promote this through his work with the IET Diamond Jubilee Council.



James Thorne

James Thorne - MEng computer science student

IET student member James Thorne is proactive within the technology community having already started his own business and developed a technology user group at his university. He is currently working on a project to train teachers how to use the Raspberry Pi as a teaching aid.



Erin Nolan

Erin Nolan - MEng student

Studying electrical and mechanical engineering at the University of Edinburgh, Erin decided upon a career in engineering after undertaking EDT’s Year in Industry (YINI) scheme. Alongside her education she’s also managed to find time to work on her own specialist projects.



Ollie Ford

Ollie Ford - MEng student

Proactive Ollie didn’t wait until university to start his engineering education: he took undergraduate-level online courses while still at school. This was a great way to learn more about his favourite topics and get him even more excited about his degree programme at Imperial College London.



Aiden Chan

Aiden Chan - MEng engineering student

Aiden Chan is currently studying engineering at Cambridge University. He decided to focus his higher education on engineering as he loved the challenge of higher level maths as well as building and creating things.



Aurelia Hibbert

Aurelia Hibbert - MEng engineering student

Currently studying engineering at Cambridge University, Aurelia hopes to becoming involved in large and exciting engineering and design projects, such as the transatlantic tunnel.



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