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Aiden Chan

Aiden Chan - MEng engineering student

Aiden Chan is currently studying engineering at Cambridge University. He decided to focus his higher education on engineering as he loved the challenge of higher level maths as well as building and creating things.



Aurelia Hibbert

Aurelia Hibbert - MEng engineering student

Currently studying engineering at Cambridge University, Aurelia hopes to becoming involved in large and exciting engineering and design projects, such as the transatlantic tunnel.



Abigail Arulandu - Electronics and computer systems MEng student

Abigail Arulandu - Electronics and computer systems MEng student

Abby recently completed an MEng in electronics and computer systems at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and was nominated as a finalist for the Wellingtonian of the Year awards for her presentation work.



Jeannette Heiligers

Jeannette Heiligers - Polar satellite PhD student

Jeannette Heiligers, originally from the Netherlands but now living in Glasgow, has just completed her PhD at the University of Strathclyde, which focused on improving the way satellites monitor the polar regions.



Lili Tao, Structure of motion PhD student

Lili Tao - Structure of motion PhD

Engineer and pianist, Lili uses music to bring creativity to her research. A proactive student, she has published papers and presented internationally, including at the IET’s Present around the World competition.



Gurpreet Johl, Engineering science student

Gurpreet Johl - Engineering science student

Gurpreet always found it interesting to learn how things work and the more he got involved in different engineering-related activities, the more it seemed like the right choice for further education.



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