How engineering can make a difference

How engineering and IT can make a difference to society.

A stethoscope on a circuit board

Working in the biomedical engineering and healthcare technology sector

Find out what it’s like to work in biomedical engineering or healthcare technology: entry requirements, career paths and salaries.



Alisdair Pert (left) at Selian Hospital

Charitable engineers

Many engineers and technicians take the leap of offering their abilities up to charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), making a difference to people and communities worldwide.



Dr Robin Murphy

Rescue robots

Rescue robotics founder talks about enabling emergency responders to routinely save lives through physically situated artificial intelligence.



Hurricane aftermath

Restoring power to disaster zones

How a storm boss and his engineering team restored power in the wake of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Gustav.



Vicki Stephenson

Harnessing the forces of nature

Engineers are harnessing nature's power to create renewable energy. We take a look at the engineers working in the fields of wind and solar power.



Green car

Developing a non-polluting fuel

Bioengineers are developing a non-polluting fuel to help lower carbon emissions.



Weather satellite image

Engineering weather prediction tools

Engineers and scientists are developing sophisticated means of tracking storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. With improved weather prediction tools come earlier warnings; hopefully saving lives.



Maja and robot

Robotics - making our lives easier

Engineering is made up of hundreds of specialised areas, including one that focuses on robotics making our lives easier. With a new age dawning, robots are coming into our lives more than ever before.



Intercity 125

Improving high-speed rail travel

Take a look at how engineers have been improving high-speed rail travel across the globe.



ELSA test rig

Designing earthquake-resistant structures

Engineers continue to find ways to help buildings withstand earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes.



Handheld Acuson

Medical engineering innovation

Engineers in the medical technology industry help create lightweight equipment suitable to provide aid in disaster situations.