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Sector Insights

The IET's Transport Sector has published a number of insights covering a range of topics from Unmanned Transport to Low Carbon vehicle solutions. 

Cover of insight document

Intelligent City Transport Hubs

This Transport Sector insight looks at how we will need to cope with the challenges of city movements and develop sustainable solutions for our transport systems and living environments of the future.




This is a photo of a white and purple driverless train

Autonomous vehicles – a railway perspective

The use of driverless trains is on the rise; this Sector Insight sets out why, how and where.



People walking through a train station

Security and Risk in Transport Systems and Infrastructure

This IET Transport Sector Insight sets out the issues facing those leading the fight to safeguard our transportation hubs.



Image of a woman in an autonomous vehicle

Autonomous Vehicles: a road transport perspective

Fully automated vehicles on roads and motorways look set to improve traffic safety and reduce congestion, costs and environmental impacts.



Photo of the Honeywell RQ 16 T Hawk unmanned aircraft

Unmanned Aircraft - A Future without Pilots

Here’s the first in a series of Sector Insights devoted to the topic of autonomous transport. We start in the air with ‘Unmanned Aircraft – a Future without Pilots?’



Screenshot of the front cover for the Global challenges in maritime security insight document

Global challenges in maritime security

View the latest Transport sector insight into maritime security and the challenges surrounding this area. 



The front cover of the future rollout of Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK case study

The future rollout of Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK

View the Transport Sector's Insight on low carbon transportation.