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Unmanned Aircraft - A Future without Pilots

Here’s the first in a series of Sector Insights devoted to the topic of autonomous transport. We start in the air with ‘Unmanned Aircraft – a Future without Pilots?’

Unmanned Aircraft (UA) – often referred to as UAVs - are an increasingly common sight on our television screens and in the media. Whilst much of this coverage is focussed on military applications in, for example, Iraq, Afghanistan and more recently Syria, there is growing interest in the civilian potential of UA.

Photo of the Honeywell RQ 16 T Hawk unmanned aircraft

In this IET Sector Insight, part of a series on autonomous vehicles, Dr Tony Dodd, member of the IET Transport Sector Executive and Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Systems Engineering at the University of Sheffield, provides some perspective on the challenges and opportunities of working with UAs to solve many problems.