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We champion travel and transport for people by air, sea, rail and road. We focus on opportunities for engineering and technology. Bringing together experts from industry, academia and government, we deliver programmes of activity, inspired by issues of the day and innovation around the transport from autonomous vehicles to integrated systems and beyond.


Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology 2017-18

In 2014 the IET and ITS (UK) produced their first Guide to Emerging Transport Technology. With technology changing at speed, we decided it was time for some updates to the Guide. The second version, launched in 2017, is bigger and better.

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HS2 and the IET

The IET Transport Sector, Parsons Brinckerhoff and HS2 Ltd are collaborating on a programme of knowledge dissemination related to the rail system design of the proposed new UK high speed railway line – HS2. The collaboration aims to share the technical knowledge, innovations and challenges of delivering a large scale transport project.

Key topics

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Autonomous vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles will play a significant role in a future transport system, offering mobility assistance for an ageing population. From driverless cars to unmanned aerial vehicles, challenges in innovation will bring together the transport and ICT sectors to address challenges in safety, cyber security and public acceptance.

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Energy efficiency

Even though substantial improvements in efficiency have been achieved in the internal combustion engine and by replacing hydraulic and pneumatic power and controls with electrical alternatives, Transport is the sector with the highest final energy consumption. Lightweight structures, electric vehicles and harvesting surplus energy to reduce the amount of fuel required to make a journey, saving money and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted.

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Future transport technologies

New technologies could unlock the transport challenges we are facing. Silent aircraft could increase capacity at airports without the need for runway expansions and lightweight materials will make our vehicles faster, more fuel efficient, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the environment.

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Intelligent mobility

Innovation will significantly improve the efficiency and experience of the end-to end journey for people and freight. Working with the ICT and Built Environment sectors, the Transport Sector will be developing thought leadership in connected vehicles, intelligent logistics, monitoring and data, smart systems, urban mobility, passenger information and intermodal transport.



Interview: How to get a chip-sized spacecraft to Alpha Centauri and back

In April this year, the Breakthrough Initiative funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced an ambitious plan to launch a chip-sized spacecraft to a neighbouring star system to image habitable planets. Pete Worden the Breakthrough Starshot project’s director and former head of Nasa Ames Research Centre explained the plan to E&T at the Space4Inspiration conference in London this week.

Heathrow expansion is a ‘fantasy’ Boris Johnson alleges

The construction of a third runway at Heathrow airport is a ‘fantasy’ destined for the ‘dustbin’ according to foreign secretary and former London mayor Boris Johnson.

Mobileye blames split with Tesla on its disregard for vehicle safety

Mobileye, which develops collision avoidance systems, split with Tesla Motors in July because the firm was "pushing the envelope in terms of safety" with regards to its Autopilot feature.

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