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Futuristic car data dashboard

Connecting Data report

The UK has an enormous opportunity to reap major benefit as it evolves into a data-enabled economy, but must implement best practice now, especially in systems engineering, to maximise productivity and minimise security risks, according to a report published today by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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New features of Microsoft's sound-mapping headset for blind people will make the tech more 'descriptive' Microsoft upgrades headset for blind people

Microsoft has upgraded its experimental headset for blind people which features providing more information about landmarks in the surroundings. 

The most sophisticated point of sale malware to date has been discovered by American cyber researchers Cash-register malware is the ‘most complex ever seen’

The most complex ever point-of-sale malware capable of stealing credit card details through infected payment terminals has been discovered by American cyber-security researchers. 


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Information and communications articles

Four ways to get the IoT moving

Four ways to get the IoT moving

09 November 2015

Communication lies at the heart of the Internet of Things, but making it happen seamlessly is going to take a lot of development.

Comment: Why it’s time to take the ‘cyber’ out of cybercrime

Comment: Why it’s time to take the ‘cyber’ out of cybercrime

09 November 2015

Including online fraud in national crime figures is just the start of tackling this new type of wrongdoing, says Tim Erlin.

Comment: If IoT is simple, why is it so hard to implement?

Comment: If IoT is simple, why is it so hard to implement?

12 October 2015

Like the work of a skilled musician, getting the the Internet of Things right relies on fitting the best mix of musicians and tunes together to create a magnificent symphony, says Daryl Miller

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