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We connect with the relentless pace of change within IT and how digital services are transforming the lives of people across the globe. We focus on opportunities for engineering and technology. Bringing together experts from industry, academia and government, we deliver programmes of activity, inspired by issues of the day from broadcast to networks and beyond.


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Connecting Data report

The UK has an enormous opportunity to reap major benefit as it evolves into a data-enabled economy, but must implement best practice now, especially in systems engineering, to maximise productivity and minimise security risks, according to a report published today by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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IBC 2015: Venturing into the future

2015 promises to be an exciting year for IBC. Drones, disruptive technologies and virtual reality will be high on the agenda at IBC. Now in its seventh year, the IET has recently launched its prestigious Best of IET and IBC Publication, representing the best of almost 300 synopses submitted by authors from across the world as well as a selection of papers from The IETs’ Electronic Letters. Access previous IBC content here.

Key topics

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Connected Data

We are living in a data explosion where we generate and consume data faster than ever before as a result of the increasing use of computers, sensors, and other digital medians. This volume of new data presents us with additional challenges which the Sector will seek to explore.

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Cyber Security

The growth of the Internet has been the biggest technological change in recent times creating unequivocal opportunity for all. With our increased dependence on cyberspace, we now face new threats that put data and systems at risk of being compromised or damaged, in ways that are hard to defend against or detect.

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Digital Innovation

Digital technology is already impacting society in a big way transforming social, cultural, economic and political landscapes. As societies move towards knowledge-based economies, access to and quality of skills will become increasingly urgent. The Sector will seek to discover the benefits, and if society is equipped to keep pace with our increasing reliance on technology.

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Ubiquitous Computing

The future is already here. Ubiquitous computing envisions a world of fully connected devices. Computers in everyday objects existing everywhere, connected online and constantly available. Ubiquitous computing endeavours to integrate information displays into the everyday physical world that fit the human environment. Topics that the Sector will look at include the internet of things, wearable technologies and beacons.



Microsoft trials deep sea data centre powered by tide

Microsoft has been trialling an underwater data centre which can be powered by the tide.

Cuba to launch its first home broadband service

Cuba has announced it is launching its first broadband internet service for households in two Havana neighbourhoods.

MPs attack Snoopers' Charter

A group of MPs have criticised the UK government for the unclear and confusing terminology used in its Investigatory Powers Bill.


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