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IBC 2015: Venturing into the future

2015 promises to be an exciting year for IBC. Drones, disruptive technologies and virtual reality will be high on the agenda at IBC. Now in its seventh year, the IET has recently launched its prestigious Best of IET and IBC Publication, representing the best of almost 300 synopses submitted by authors from across the world as well as a selection of papers from The IETs’ Electronic Letters. Access previous IBC content here.

Latest news

Australian researchers have made a major breakthrough paving the way for quantum computers 'Game-changing' leap made in quantum computer research

A ‘game-changing’ device that could pave the way for development of practical quantum computers has been created by Australian researchers. 

Missed appointments cost the NHS millions of pounds every year Text message tweak to appointment alerts could save NHS millions

A new study based on one NHS Trust practice has found ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA) rates can be significantly reduced simply by making reference to the £160 cost the NHS incurs from each missed appointment in the SMS text message sent to patients.


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Information and communications articles

Nokia forms technology R&D team with French government

Nokia forms technology R&D team with French government

23 September 2015

Nokia is to partner with the French government to form a technology-focused R&D team and support the country’s communications infrastructure.

Atomic time: 60 years of the ultra-precise atomic clock

Atomic time: 60 years of the ultra-precise atomic clock

03 June 2015

On June 3 2015, the world celebrates an anniversary of one invention that truly changed the world: the birth of atomic time. Where has the technology moved since then and where will it go in the future?

Interview - Marc Goodman

Interview - Marc Goodman

18 May 2015

Former Los Angeles policeman and FBI futurologist Marc Goodman has spent the past 20 years on the techno-crime fault line. Here he explains why technological villainy will always outstrip the lawmakers.

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