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IBC is the leading global trade show for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment.  The event's unparalleled exhibition and agenda setting conference encompasses the very latest developments in broadcasting, mobile TV, IPTV, digital signage and R and D making it essential for everyone's understanding of the industry and its future.

The Best of IET and IBC 2014 is available to download. It contains papers and articles on electronic media technology from IBC 2014 presented with selected papers from the IET’s flagship publication Electronics Letters.  

Latest news

Cambridge Consultants' Pizzicato all-digital radio transmitter. Fully digital radio transmitter could be turnkey solution for IoT

Cambridge Consultants has successfully completed initial trials of the world’s first fully digital radio transmitter. This potentially represents a turning point in wireless design and could prove invaluable in realising the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technology.

Fujitsu has developed an iris authentication system that fits into a smartphone Unlocking smartphones with a stare

Unlocking smartphones with a blink of the eye has just become a possibility with a new iris authentication technology developed by Fujistu and debuted at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona today.

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Information and communications articles

Met Office supercomputer: the future of weather forecasting

Met Office supercomputer: the future of weather forecasting

16 February 2015

Will the new Met Office supercomputer, up and running later this year, improve the accuracy of weather forecasting in Britain's fickle climatic conditions?

As Bitcoin slides, the Blockchain grows

As Bitcoin slides, the Blockchain grows

16 February 2015

Confidence in Bitcoin's value is sliding after a less-than ideal 2014, but money may not be its legacy. Now the aim is to secure users' funds and reduce the risk of 'double spending' with the introduction of the blockchain.

Software reviews: messaging apps

Software reviews: messaging apps

19 January 2015

As messaging of all sorts converges onto the smartphone, the need for simplicity – and, for many people, privacy too – grows ever more important. We look at apps that can help.