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ICT Education in Schools

The Current ICT curriculum, whilst this may have been adequate 20 years ago as pupils were introduced to common tools for word processing, spreadsheets and graphical generation, is now dated and inadequate for the digital generation.

One of the side effects of its shortfalls has been to grow several generations of pupil, who whilst avid users of modern technology, have no insight how modern ICT systems function and hence have no chance of designing of building the systems of the future. Furthermore, because of the way ICT has been taught, whole generations now see anything to do with computers as boring and mundane. The concepts of computing and computer science and the subsequent innovation that can result have been overlooked as far as secondary education is concerned.

The IET along with many professional bodies believe this to be a dire position which is already posing a risk to the UK and its competitive position globally.

See the reports below for further reading:

  • UKCRC - Computing at School: the state of the nation (November 2009)
  • RAEng - ICT for the UK’s Future: The implications of the changing nature of Information and Communications Technology, (October 2009)
  • Royal Society - Shut down or restart? The way forward for computing in UK schools (January 2012)