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The Energy Sector is passionate about low-carbon ‘smart’ energy systems. We focus on opportunities for engineering and technology in this innovative space and provide independent, impartial thought leadership on the subjects relevant today and in the future. To achieve this we bring together experts from industry, academia and government, in neutral and impartial environments to deliver programmes of activity, inspired by innovation across the energy sector from generation to distribution and beyond.


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The Future Power System Architecture Project

The Future Power System Architecture (FPSA) project is an ambitious effort involving dozens of industry professionals, academics, policymakers and stakeholders to assess the challenges to be faced in the electricity system by 2030 and to identify new functionality required.

Low Carbon Network Innovation 2017

Low Carbon Network Innovation projects and learning from the UKs Smart demonstration projects funded by Ofgem.

Key Topics

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Energy Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure can provide new and exciting opportunities as well as enhanced value and flexible benefits across all key sectors. The IET is at the forefront of this thinking within electricity power infrastructure and has published a number of papers and studies. This work is ongoing as it looks to extend thought leadership across other sectors and energy vectors.

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Energy Production

The key topics and challenges being faced by industry to meet today’s environmentally focussed market needs driven by the global decarbonisation agenda and involving the migration away from traditional approaches towards large scale, distributed and micro renewable generation. Covering: cross discipline engineering, renewable technologies and the new ways of thinking needed to assure global carbon targets are met.

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Energy Services

The innovations needed to be developed for the sector to meet future needs, demands and challenges will also need new ways of thinking about skills and talent as the sector adapts and changes. New technologies and new business models will develop to deliver new and improved services such as storage, carbon capture, demand/supply balancing, trading, smart communications and the use of data.

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Energy Usage

Smart City initiatives being driven by future forecasts on city migration and the resulting funded demonstrations in combination with a growth of Communities/Industries taking ownership of their energy needs poses a dramatic change in way we will use energy in the future. This theme aims to explore the key developments, topics and challenges being faced within this changing landscape.



CGN proposes Bradwell nuclear plant after Hinkley approval

With the Hinkley Point C finally nuclear power plant being given the green light by the UK government, the Chinese firm helping to build the new plant is set to submit a design for another site at Bradwell.

Hinkley Point approved following ‘legal framework’ agreement

Britain has finally approved the construction of the £18bn Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, ending weeks of uncertainty after an agreement was reached giving the government final say over foreign investment decisions for the country’s critical infrastructure.

Artificial photosynthesis almost ready for market

German researchers have developed what they claim is the first artificial photosynthesis hydrogen generator to be compact and of a reasonable size for practical applications. 

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