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Powering tomorrow; from smart homes to megagrids

A home for those working or interested in energy technology. Offering a platform for the exchange of knowledge and facilitating professional networking for the science, engineering and technology (SET) communities. 

Latest news

Donald Trump Trump’s Scottish golf course wind farm battle drags on

Presidential republican candidate Donald Trump has brought his long-running battle against the construction of wind farms near his luxury golf courses in Scotland to the Supreme Court.

Investment in the renewable energy sector has increased in recent years Renewables hold the key to tackling climate change

The renewable energy sector must play a key role in tackling the risk posed by climate change, according to the UK foreign secretary’s special representative for climate change, Professor Sir David King.

Key topics

Close up of a wind turbine being built

Renewable Energy

If you are interested in learning about engineering innovation within Renewable Energy then please follow this link for interesting content, events, news and tweets from our members, partners and wider industry stakeholders.

Flames from fire

Heat Debate

Hot on the heels of a series the regional debates, the IET Energy and Built Environment sectors are collaborating on a series of initiatives around ‘the future of urban heat’. Join us as we engage with industry partners and stakeholders around decarbonising heating, cooling and power. Contact Gordon Graham.


Cover image of CST report

IET GB Power System Modelling Capability Reports

The IET were commissioned by the Council for Science and Technology (CST) “Energy Sub-Group” to conduct a research study and produce a report on the emerging challenges for modelling electricity systems and how Britain’s capabilities would need to be adapted to assess electricity system resilience as GB makes the transition to a low carbon electricity system.

Image of Solar panels

DECC Future Power System Architecture Project (FPSA)

The FPSA project is intended to rigorously test the IET’s proposition that the current approach to planning and operating the power system in Great Britain may not be robust to the challenges it will have to meet to facilitate a low carbon energy future, which will result in greater complexity and extensive whole-system interactions. The IET has proposed that a ‘System Architect’ role is required to provide essential technical integration of a future, more complex, system architecture in order to maintain a secure and affordable power system.

Sector publications

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Energy Sector Newsletters

Bringing you all the latest on IET Energy Sector initiatives, partnerships and thought leadership together with details of upcoming events, Sector highlights on and opportunities for you to get involved!

Energy articles

Home 2020

Home 2020

14 September 2015

Traditional bricks-and-mortar homes are set to become more intelligent and more energy-efficient in the next few years.

The Ceres Ion Drive opens new possibilities for space exploration

The Ceres Ion Drive opens new possibilities for space exploration

14 September 2015

A low-fuel engine that accelerates a spacecraft slowly over many years could open up new possibilities for solar system exploration.

Does the UK need Norwegian hydropower?

Does the UK need Norwegian hydropower?

14 September 2015

By 2021, a subsea cable built across the North Sea from Norway will provide enough power for 750,000 British homes, but with untouched hydro capacity in the UK, is this necessary?