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Designing, developing, delivering; creating tomorrow.

Supporting professionals involved with the design, development, operation and manufacture in the delivery of a product. Access the latest information, events, career opportunities or join communities around the world.

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The pneumatic muscle suit and its inventor Yuichi Kurita Pneumatic muscle suit enhances mobility of elderly

Japanese researchers have created an assistive suit from innovative pneumatic muscles that could improve elderly people's quality of life.

A microphone made of graphene could capture ultrasonic frequencies Super-sensitive graphene microphone could be ultrasonic

Researchers have created a microphone made of graphene that is 32 times more sensitive than a conventional nickel-based device. 

Sector Newsletters

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Design and Production Sector Newsletters

Autumn 2015 edition now available, highlighting a report on ageing population, Star Wars BB8 droids and a talk about the ethics of robotics by Noel Sharkey.

Sector Highlights

Information in the UK food supply chain

This latest insight from the IET Design and Production Sector in collaboration with the National Centre for Food Manufacturing explores the challenges, issues and opportunities facing in the UK food supply chain.

Image of a Water Irrigation System

Water for UK agriculture – key challenges and opportunities

This Design and Production Sector insight outlines some of the key components of UK agriculture, and the challenges and opportunities facing the sector, in the context of water use and water impacts.

Cover image of Off Farming Insight

Farming in urban areas – the latest cutting edge developments

This Design and Production Sector insight, in collaboration with the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE), looks at the latest engineering developments in off-farm farming for urban environments.

Design and production articles

Interview - Andrea Boragno, CEO Alcantara

Interview - Andrea Boragno, CEO Alcantara

09 November 2015

For the past decade Andrea Boragno has been CEO and chairman of Alcantara, an Italian company that makes a premium substitute for leather that’s used in luxury automotive, yacht and aircraft interiors.

Dawn of the new P2 age

Dawn of the new P2 age

09 November 2015

Not content with bringing a Peppercorn class A1 Pacific back to life, the team behind Tornado are now building a new version of Britain’s most powerful passenger steam locomotive ever - the Gresley class P2

Building on evolution: From insects to drones

Building on evolution: From insects to drones

09 November 2015

How researchers and engineers are tapping nature’s wealth of well-tested designs.

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