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Front cover of the Innovations Award 2012, Design and Production - Self-retracting medical needle: Nottingham Trent University and Olberon Ltd report

Innovations Award 2012, Design and Production - Self-retracting medical needle: Nottingham Trent University and Olberon Ltd

On this project Nottingham Trent University collaborated with Olberon Medical Innovation to develop a self-retracting medical needle. It is estimated that there are approximately 25 million intravenous injections, or cannulations, in the UK each year, with up to a third expected to fail on the first attempt. This innovative design addresses this issue by significantly reducing the number of failed intravenous injections.

The front cover of the APMG report Making Good: A Study of Culture and Competitiveness in UK Manufacturing

A new report 'Making Good: A Study of Culture and Competitiveness in UK Manufacturing" warns that UK manufacturing is being prevented from becoming ‘wholly competitive’ by a national industrial culture and calls on all political parties to establish and honour a ten-year fiscal framework regardless of the outcome of the next general election... more 

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Penguin populations in Antarctica are constantly monitored via satellite-connected cameras Satellite CCTV to scrutinize penguins’ breeding habits

Three high-tech satellite-connected cameras have been installed near the South Pole in a unique attempt to monitor penguin populations battling climate change.

Factory 2050 is a project of the University of Sheffiled World’s most advanced factory gets green light

Sheffield City Council has approved plans to build Factory 2050 – a £43m centre for advanced manufacturing where satellite-connected robots will work alongside humans. 

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