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Vision, mission and aims

Engineering innovation - from concept to production.


The Design and Production Sector aspires to be the principal professional resource for engineers and technicians who work directly or indirectly in Design and Production. By actively promoting these topics the sector will engage, inform and influence IET membership and the public at large.


By developing its communities, products and services the Sector will provide a platform which facilitates academic and professional networking for the science, engineering and technology (SET) communities.


  • To highlight key design and production topics and focus activities in these areas to achieve greatest impact;
  • To partner and collaborate with leading manufacturers, groups and institutions in order to more effectively influence the design and production community and associated agencies;
  • To develop an environment where the SET community can establish innovative and productive collaborations with academic and industry peers;
  • To originate and disseminate valuable knowledge and thought leadership across the wider SET community;
  • Highlight and promote the benefits to Society that the SET community generates.