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Energy storage

Energy storage has a part to play in redressing the balance between power demand and power supply at a given point in time.  Here are some useful links on recent developments.

The supply of energy is not constant and rarely in synchronisation with the demand for power from consumers. In addition, electricity is inherently difficult to store effectively. This website provides insights as to how secondary storage of energy is essential to increase generation capacity efficiency and to allow more substantial use of renewable energy sources that only provide energy intermittently.

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Dynamic energy storage - a UK first


Energy storage systems in future low carbon electrical networks


Liquid air energy storage: supporting the low carbon electrical network


Demonstration of energy management system for smart grids


Analysis and design of coupled inductor for a new single phase transformer less photovoltaic inverter topology


A lenders' perspective: risks, benefits and the optimum model


Bringing energy storage from alternate to mainstream: Policy initiatives

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Bringing energy storage from alternate to mainstream: Policy initiatives

Dr Keith MacLean, Policy and Research Director, Scottish and Southern Energy

2011-11-03 | Power Channel

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