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Data centre design

Data centres are notoriously power hungry. Find out how they are now being designed with energy efficiency in mind.

The Data Centre is a facility to house computing systems and associated infrastructure. The Data Centre landscape is characterised by a number of engineering concepts and multiple disciplines – Real Estate, Mechanical and Electrical engineering and Technology Systems. The Data Centre represents a multi-million pound investment that typically translates to around £15 million per MW of power.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product; whereby shared resources (hardware and software) provides computing capacity like a Utility (like the electricity grid) over a network. Growth in technology infrastructure, the increasing adoption of server virtualization, the explosion of connected devices (mobile phones, tablets etc), social media and consumer data is driving Cloud Computing and likewise has a direct impact on the Data Centre, where performance and efficiency are the primary drivers of design.

Energy Efficiency is fast becoming the heart of data centre design requirements and the IET remains heavily engaged in Data Centre Design technics with this in mind.


Harnessing big data tools in financial services


A Pre-conference Discussion on Cloud Computing


Data Centres Europe 2007 - Conference and exhibition

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Data Centres Europe 2007 - Conference and exhibition

James Hayes, Editor of Information Professional, IET's leading magazine for IT practitioners, reviews the exhibition.

2007-03-22 | IT Channel

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The Sudlows Innovation POD – Technical Visit

This pod is a test centre for manufactures and designers.  The IET captured the aims and objects of the innovation pod and spoke to some of the manufactures with kit installed.







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