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IET Built Environment Resource Page

Webcasts, case studies and thought leadership from the Built Environment Sector themes and hot topics.  This is an open access resource site for you to utilise and contribute content to.

The IET Built Environment Sector has an agreed strategy over the next three years.  Hot topics or themes are identified followed by a plan of action for the IET to compile compelling engineering intelligence and to make it available in this area of the IET website for the wider engineering community.

Many of the themes will be addressed by partnering with other organisations and professional institutions.  Themes and topics will be added as soon as content is available.


Blue image of a building's blueprint

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is fast becoming an accepted process on many projects.  See webcasts from industry experts on what this means for practitioners.



Image depicting a house and energy ratings

Building Energy Efficiency

Webcasts and industry interviews from building energy efficiency professionals, as well as a perspective from tomorrow’s engineers in Europe.   



Looking down a lift shaft

Lifts, escalator and horizontal walkways

The partnership between the IET and the CIBSE Lifts Group has produced a wealth of insights in this area.  



Pile of bio shavings

Energy storage

Energy storage has a part to play in redressing the balance between power demand and power supply at a given point in time.  Here are some useful links on recent developments.



Image of a data centre

Data centre design

Data centres are notoriously power hungry. Find out how they are now being designed with energy efficiency in mind.



Image of a speaker being filmed

Community scale thinking

District heating and CHP aren't new ideas, but more schemes are beginning to be commissioned, including the Olympic Park.  Why now?


Environmental Conditioning Systems (in development for 2013);

Lighting Systems (in development for 2013);

Positive energy buildings (in development for 2013);

Building Physics (in development for 2013).