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A platform for professionals working or interested in the built environment industry. Sharing best practice for a sustainable future through publications, services, professional networking opportunities and events. 

News and highlights

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Digital Technology Adoption in the Smart Built Environment technical briefing

There is a rapidly changing landscape for digital technologies in the built environment. Understanding the opportunities, challenges and enablers for successful systems implementation is key to ensuring appropriate investment of time and resources in digital built environment projects. Download the Digital Technology Adoption in the Smart Built Environment technical briefing and get an insight and case studies showcasing industry projects delivered in this area.

Latest news

A space elevator concept developed by Canadian firm Thoth Technology Space elevator patented

A Canadian firm has been granted a US patent for a space elevator, an ambitious concept that could one day make launching objects into space cheaper.

How much cheaper your air-conditioning bills could be if your roof never heated up in the sun? Glass-paint keeps structures cool in heat

A novel glass-based paint could protect roofs and ship decks exposed to extreme solar radiation from damage and keep them cool even on the hottest day.

Key Topics

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is fast becoming an accepted process on many projects.  See webcasts from industry experts on what this means for practitioners.

The front cover of the Building Information Modelling (BIM): Addressing the cyber security issues

Building Information Modelling (BIM): Addressing the cyber security issues

This Insight looks at the risks inherent in the adoption of BIM, in particular the need to address cyber security.

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Building energy efficiency

Webcasts and industry interviews from building energy efficiency professionals, as well as a perspective from tomorrow’s engineers in Europe.   

Sector publications

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Built Environment Thought Leadership Summit: A review - Data as the lifeblood to the Smart Built Environment

The IET brought together leading experts from across the information and communications sector, and the building services industries, for a thought leadership summit on data in the smart built environment. This review highlights the current thinking, future opportunities, and key priorities in this fast-developing area.

Image of the front cover of the Energy efficient lighting in the UK publication

Energy efficient lighting in the UK

A comprehensive showcase led report outlining a current technology overview, market intelligence and the role of energy-efficient lighting in the drive for carbon reduction.

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Intelligent Buildings: Understanding and managing the security risks

View the Information and Communications Sector Insight on intelligent buildings and the security risks.

Sector Newsletters

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Sector newsletter

Bringing you all the latest on sector initiatives, partnerships and thought leadership, and details of upcoming events.

Built environment articles

Classic Projects: Watt steam engine

Classic Projects: Watt steam engine

14 July 2015

Sir James Watt’s steam engine 250 years on after he produced the first practical and efficient design, which was to play a central role in the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of Great Britain as one of the first modern economic superpowers.

Is China’s hydroelectric revolution as green as it sounds?

Is China’s hydroelectric revolution as green as it sounds?

14 July 2015

China is pursuing an ambitious programme of hydroelectric expansion, with a series of ‘mega-dams’ on the way even bigger than the controversial Three Gorges project. But are there signs that this kind of hydropower might actually make climate change even worse?

Interview - Rhys Vaughan Williams, Head of MEP Engineering, Crossrail

Interview - Rhys Vaughan Williams, Head of MEP Engineering, Crossrail

14 July 2015

London’s mammoth Crossrail infrastructure project recently completed the tunnelling phase. As the focus moves to fitting out the stations and tunnels, Rhys Vaughan Williams, head of mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, describes what lies ahead of and beyond the project’s 2019 deadline.

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