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British Business Embassy days - Creative Services Summit

The Global Business Summit on Creative Services was held on 30 July 2012 and addressed collective challenges to develop new partnerships for growth in the advertising, media, design and architecture sectors.

The Strengths of Creativity videos includes highlights from the Creative Industries reception, hosted by the Duchess of Cambridge, and a series of interviews with sector leaders.

A range of global leaders identified insights and strengths that support innovation and creativity in any sector. The UK’s global strength in the creative industries, which make it a great nation with which to partner, was attributed to its:

  • Reward of innovation by protecting intellectual property rights;
  • Density of talent and scale of industry that makes people accessible and affords specialism;
  • Culture of creativity, innovation and risk taking;
  • Combination of a great heritage and a great sense of humour and willingness to push boundaries and ignore the rulebook.

At the same time, there was a warning that Britain must keep moving to remain ahead of the game, especially as the willingness to share means others will catch-up.

Keys to successful creativity were identified as:

  • The merging of creative and technology industries;
  • Collaboration and willingness to work with a wide spectrum of people;
  • Willingness to try out ideas, and, if they fail, shed them quickly and move on to the next thing;
  • Branding: the brand must lead the idea – it is the idea.

Trends in the fashion, film, games, music, theatre and television sectors are summarised in the Creative Content Summit.

The creative industries employ about 1.5 million people and account for almost 3% of UK Gross Value Added, about £36 billion.


Creative Services - Creativity and Digital Technology

Advertising in Real Time

Anywhere, Everywhere - Ubiquitous Marketing: Coca Cola

Technology as an Enabler: Nissan Playstation

Technology as Entertainment, TalkTalk (X Factor Sponsorship)

The Future is Mobile: Telefonica Digital


Creative Services - Creativity and Global Branding


From Indian Mobile Network Operator to Global Lifestyle Brand: Airtel

From OEM to Global Brand: HTC

Creating a Luxury Global Brand: Embraer Executive Jets

Taking The Brand Into The Future: HSBC

The Behaviours of a Challenger Brand: Range Rover Evoque

The Supremacy of the Brand Idea: Johnnie Walker Black Label