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Publications in development

IET Standards products currently under development, and information on how you can get involved.

Connected Systems Integration

This new Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings, publishing in 2016, aims to promote good practice in the specification, design and integration of connected systems in buildings, as well as providing a reference to practitioners on design, integration practice and technological considerations working to meet key functionality and customer requirements. This document covers common communications and built environment challenges, with the aim of enabling improved connectivity, communications networking and connected systems integration for user access in residential and SME commercial buildings.

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Competence criteria for safety critical systems

This new code of practice is designed to help companies assess and maintain the competence of their engineering staff particularly in safety critical areas and industries. It sets out the competencies expected and evidence required to prove competence in specific tasks and helps organisations create schemes for monitoring and measuring the competencies of its employees. It is written for all those responsible for safety and competency in any organisation including, most notably, the functional safety manager or a safety engineer, chief engineers, senior safety and HR personnel and operational managers. The market for these guidelines will be within any industry where safety critical systems are in use including Energy, Transport, Defence, Aerospace and Healthcare.

The first version of this work (often referred to as the Blue Book) was the result of significant industry consultation. This new work, set to publish in early 2016, has a technical working group with considerable experience and once again we will be consulting with a wide stakeholder group to ensure that the IET produces a document that is of maximum value to the many industries operating safety critical systems.

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Guide to Metering Systems: Specification, installation and use

Metering systems are a key technology type for the management of energy and environment services, and for cost allocation and resource efficiency of systems and subsystems in industrial, commercial and SME applications. This guide aims to provide practitioners with an appropriate process for the specification, installation and use of metering systems as applied to an organisation’s key services/systems either as part of energy / environmental management system or as a regulatory compliance requirement. The guide details the key steps in applying metering systems and discusses the integration of metering data into reporting, supervisory control and enterprise management systems.

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 Code of Practice for Electromagnetic (EM) Resilience

This code of practice on Electromagnetic Resilience covers the planning and risk management of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and describes a recommended process for EM compatibility for functional safety.  It specifically covers measures and techniques that can address the interfering effects of EM disturbances that a system could experience over its lifecycle including the following stages:

  • Specification
  • System Design
  • Operational design
  • Implementation
  • Verification and validation
  • Maintenance, repair,refurbishment, upgrade
  • Dismantling and disposal

When competently applied the code will help with the provision of evidence required for functional safety for EMC and so contribute towards compliance with IEC 61508 and other functional safety standards. It is intended to be used by functional safety professionals; including managers of projects that require functional safety engineering, practitioners and assessors of functional safety design engineering. 

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Code of Practice for Energy Management

This Code of Practice provides a good practice structured approach to implementing energy management aligned to the key requirements of ISO50001. Topics include legislation requirements, energy management policy, understanding energy use in your operation, strategies and planning for monitoring and identifying improvements, reviewing and solutions. Relevant to energy, facilities, building and environment managers, project managers and engineers and associated building operation and support engineers and technicians.

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Get involved in IET Standards

IET members with an interest in a particular area are also invited to register their interest in becoming a technical author, working group member or reviewer for standards in their specialist area. If you would like to register your interest, suggest a topic for a standard or submit feedback on any of our existing standards please contact Tara West at IET Standards