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Document Supply

Provides copies of articles at a charged rate. An inter-library loan service is also available to members and other UK libraries. 

Document Supply service Document Supply service information

  • Available to members and non members Worldwide under the terms of the UK Copyright Law;
  • Members get preferential rates;
  • A “Copyright Fee Paid” service is available for commercial copies of articles, at an additional cost of £10.00 + article request charge as shown in table below.
    Commercial copying applies to all publications except IEE/IET publications. 
  • Delivery is by post, fax or email;
  • Our aim is to supply photocopies within 48 hours of receipt of order.

What are the charges?


No. of pages: 



 Postal, fax and email PDF delivery charges:Postal, fax and email PDF delivery charges:
1-2£2.50  £4.00
20+£15.00 per every 20 pages copied.£20.00 per every 20 pages copies.

Commercial copies:

Add £10.00 per article for commercial copies to costs above. 
(Non IEE/IET articles only.)

  • Charges are per article;
  • Charges include VAT;
  • We accept payment from all major credit/debit cards and cheques;
  • Member rates apply to non-members who have had a search carried out by one of our Information Officers;
  • Some archive material may be too bulky or fragile for photocopying.  If photocopies are not possible, we can advise on other means of reproduction.

What is considered commercial/non-commercial?

  • Commercial copying is anything that is directly or indirectly considered income-generating to you or your company;
  • Non-commercial copying is considered as being for an individual's private research or study, unrelated to any commercial venture;
  • If a commercial copy of an article is required, the cost of providing an article is £10.00 plus our standard charges listed in the table above;
  • Non-commercial copies are charged at the standard rates given in the table above;
  • It is recommended that you decide whether you are to use a photocopy for a commercial or non-commercial purpose, before signing a copyright/payment form;
  • Further guidance on what is considered a commercial copy or non/commercial copy.

Requesting articles

Requests for articles can be made in the following ways:


Copyright declaration / payment forms

  • Customers are required to sign and return copyright/payment forms, along with their payment to the Library;
  • We accept payment by cheque, and by all major credit / debit cards; 
  • Due to security reasons, we do not accept credit card details by email. Please telephone the Library to quote us your credit card details over the phone instead. 

British Library book requests

  • Use this service if you require a book not in our own library stock;
  • A full bibliographic reference is required for each item;
  • Book requests are available for UK members, deposit account customers and other libraries only (inter-library loan);
  • Cost: £15.00 per item requested;
  • Books are requested from the British Library Document Supply Centre or another UK library;
  • Books are loaned out for a two week period. Loans can be extended by contacting our library;
  • To request British Library loans either:

a) complete and submit an online British Library book request form;
b) download, complete and return the "Request a British Library book loan" PDF file on the right hand side of this page;
c) or contact the library to make a request.

British Library article requests

  • Use this service if you require an article not in our own library stock;
  • Article requests are available to all customers including Non-UK customers;
  • Articles are requested from the British Library Document Supply Centre or another UK Library;
  • Articles are sent out either by post, or email delivery (TIF format).
  • Customers who require articles to be sent out by email PDF delivery, please note these are sent out in TIF format.
  • Cost: £15.00 per item requested;
  • A full bibliographic reference is required for each item;
  • Requests can take between two to five working days depending on availability.
  • British Library article requests can be ordered either by contacting the library or by completing and submitting a photocopy request form.

Customers who would prefer to order items themselves can go and use the British Library Articles Direct service. Link is on the right-hand side of this page.

Urgent requests

Articles and books requested urgently the same or next day can be requested from the British Library, at a charge of £23.00 per item. Subject to availability. Articles can either be supplied by fax or emailed to customers. Books are sent using first class post.

Deposit accounts

Deposit accounts can be opened for customers who require a large quantity of articles sent to them over a regular period of time. They can be opened with a minimum deposit of £50.00 Sterling. Each request cost is deducted from the account and the customer is informed of how much is left in their account each time. Member rates apply.

Other libraries requesting articles/books

If you work in a library or information centre and would like to request photocopies of articles or book loans from our library, then please contact us with the full bibliographic details of each requested item. We also require the following details for payment purposes:

  • Your British Library account number (should begin with 87- );
  • Your request number for each requested item. 

We will then contact the British Library with these details in order for them to charge your account accordingly.

Archives reprographics

The Archives contain large numbers of historical photographs, both of eminent engineers and members of the IET and technologies such as cable laying. We can provide reproductions of images for which we hold the copyright. Please search the online catalogue or contact the Archives with general enquiries and for details of charges.

Please note that we do not operate a " picture library"' style service, nor do we hold a large stock of modern industrial images.

Users seeking to reproduce items held by the Archives for publishing, including on-line, broadcast or other purposes are required to seek permission from the Archivist. Please contact the Archives for a request form and details of charges.