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Archives Research Guide: Women in Engineering

The IET Archives hold a number of interesting collections relating to women's role in engineering and science, education and the publicity and importance of the domestication of electricity. 


  • Papers of Dame Caroline Haslett, 1923-1967 - NAEST 033
    The papers reflect her involvement, as co-founder, in the Electrical Association for Women, the British and International Federations of Business and Professional Women, including a number of personal papers as well as those relating to her involvement in the development of the use of electricity in the home, post war reconstruction, policy work, her travels abroad, her role as a statesmen and her many other activities.

  • Women's Engineering Society, 1919-1979 - NAEST 092
    Papers of the Women's Engineering Society from its creation in 1919 to 1979.  The records include minutes, financial records, membership records, correspondence, conferences, press coverage, photographs, 'The Woman Engineer', films, special series.
  • Women's Engineering Society - Papers collected by Mrs Isabel Hardwich, 1925-1987 - NAEST 092A.
    The collection WES printed material, articles and reports by Isabel Hardwich, correspondence and several sets of photographs, mostly from her time as Vice-Presidency and Presidency of the WES. The majority of the collection is reference material collected by Isabel for her WES work, including early pamphlets on women in engineering, a large number of surveys and reports on the engineering industry and the position of women in it, and articles and cuttings form professional journals and daily newspapers.
  • Electrical Association for Women, 1924-1986 - NAEST 093, 93A, 93C
    The records cover the life of the Association and include administrative records, education and training programmes; press, photos, printed material, ephemera, films and cassettes relating to their work.
  • Papers of the International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES), 1964-1999 - NAEST 132
    Printed material, programmes, proceedings, etc from ICWES conferences with administrative records of the 9th conference held at Warwick in 1991 and general ICWES information.
  • Papers of F W Tunnadine (1896-1983) of Winton Thorpe, Tunnadine and Partners, Consulting Engineers, 1937-1979 - NAEST 079.
    The collection comprises the records of the firm from 1937 to the late 1970s.  Among other things it shows the advance of electricity into the home.
  • Papers of A J Lawson, Engineer and General Manager, County of London and Brush Provincial Electric Lighting Company, 1893 - NAEST 011/11
    Reports on costs of supplying electricity to homes for lighting.

Keywords for searching the online catalogue:

Ayrton Hertha
Haslett Dame Caroline
Women in Engineering
Women in Wartime
Women's Engineering Society (WES)
Electrical Association for Women (EAW)
Entwisle Gertrude
Hardwich Isabel
International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES & ICWES UK9)

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