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Past Presidents of the IMfgE

A list of the Past Presidents of the IMfge (formerly the IProdE) from 1921 to 1991 when they merged with the IEE (now the IET).


1990-91L J Weaver CBE
1989F Turner FEng
1988Dr J Parnaby CBE FEng
1987M R Hoffman
1986A K Gill FEng
1985Sir Alan Veale FEng
1984Professor M G Farley
1983A R Houseman CBE
1982Sir Robert Telford CBE DL
1981Dr R L Lickley
1980Dr Howard Hicks
1979Sir Sydney Bacon CB
1978J E Reeve
1977Dr H Peter Jost CBE
1976Dr G S Brosnan
1975Dr G S Brosnan
1974Brian P Smith
1973Ronald G Hooker
1972B C Harrison CBE
1971B C Harrison CBE
1970A L Stuchbery CBE
1969A L Stuchbery CBE
1968Sir Eric Mensforth
1967Sir Eric Mensforth
1966R H S Turner
1965R H S Turner
1964R Ratcliffe CB MBE
1963R Ratcliffe CB MBE
1962Harold Burke
1961Harold Burke
1960G Ronald Pryor
1959G Ronald Pryor
1958The Rt Hon The Earl of Halsbury
1957The Rt Hon The Earl of Halsbury
1956E W Hancock
1955Sir Leonard Lord KBE
1954Sir Walter Puckey
1953Sir Walter Puckey
1952Sir Cecil Weir KCMG KBE MC DL
1951Major-General K C Appleyard CBE DL
1950Major-General K C Appleyard CBE DL
1949Herbert Schofield
1948Herbert Schofield
1947Norman Rowbotham CBE
1946Norman Rowbotham CBE
1945Sir Robert McLean
1944Sir Robert McLean
1943Sir Ernest Lemon
1942Sir Ernest Lemon
1941Sir George Bailey
1940Sir George Bailey
1939Sir George Bailey
1938The Rt Hon Lord Nuffield
1937The Rt Hon Lord Nuffield
1936The Rt Hon Lord Sempill AFC
1935The Rt Hon Lord Sempill AFC
1934Sir Walter Kent
1933Sir Walter Kent
1932Sir Herbert Austin
1931Sir Herbert Austin
1930Tom Thorneycroft
1929Tom Thorneycroft
1928Sir Alfred Herbert KBE
1927Sir Alfred Herbert KBE
1926R H Hutchison
1925R H Hutchison
1924W L Fisher
1923J D Scaife
1922Max Lawrence
1921Max Lawrence