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IET Premium Awards

The winners of the 2015 IET Premium (Best Paper) Awards are free to access on the IET Digital Library until August 2016.

Each year the IET awards a prize to the authors of the best paper published within the last two years in each of the IET’s journals. The winners of the 2015 IET Premium Awards are listed below and can be accessed freely on the IET Digital Library until August 2016.

2015 Winners of the IET Premium (Best Paper) Awards

Electronics Letters Premium Award

Li, L., Chen, L., Zhu, J., Freeman, J., Dean, P., Valavanis, A., Davies, A.G., Linfield, E.H.: ‘Terahertz quantum cascade lasers with >1 W output powers’, Electronics Letters, 2014, 50, (4), pp. 309–311

Micro & Nano Letters Premium Award

Li, J., Han, Q., Chen, Y., Zhu, Z., Huang, W.: ‘Investigation on structural colours in wing scales of butterfly Papilio peranthus Fabricius’, Micro & Nano Letters, 2013, 8, (1), pp. 8-10

IET Biometrics Premium Award

McCool, C., Wallace, R., McLaren, M., El Shafey, L., Marcel, S.: ‘Session variability modelling for face authentication’, IET Biometrics, 2013, 2, (3), pp. 117–129

IET Circuits, Devices & Systems Premium Award

Xu, Y., Pan, H.-B., He, S.-Z., Li, L.: ‘Monolithic H-bridge brushless DC vibration motor driver with a highly sensitive Hall sensor in 0.18 μm complementary metal- oxide semiconductor technology’, IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, 2013, 7, (4), pp. 204-210

IET Communications Premium Award

Zhao, L., Zheng, K., Long, H., Zhao, H., Wang, W.: ‘Performance analysis for downlink massive multiple-input multiple-output system with channel state information delay under maximum ratio transmission precoding’, IET Communications, 2014, 8, (3), pp. 390–398

IET Computer Vision Premium Award

Hong, S., Lee, H., Kim, E.: ‘Probabilistic gait modelling and recognition’, IET Computer Vision, 2013, 7, (1), pp. 56-70

IET Computers & Digital Techniques Premium Award

Dahir, N., Mak, T., Al-Dujaily, R., Yakovlev, A.: ‘Highly adaptive and deadlock-free routing for three-dimensional networks-on-chip’, IET Computers & Digital Techniques, 2013, 7, (6), pp. 255-263

IET Control Theory and Applications Premium Award

Ding, F., Liu, X., Chu, J.,: ‘Gradient-based and least-squares-based iterative algorithms for Hammerstein systems using the hierarchical identification principle’, IET Control Theory and Applications, 2013, 7, (2), pp. 176-184

IET Electric Power Applications Premium Award

Ruba, M., Viorel, I.-A., Szabó, L.: ‘Modular stator switched reluctance motor for fault tolerant drive systems’, IET Electric Power Applications, 2013, 7, (3), pp. 159-169

IET Electrical Systems in Transportation Premium Award

Allègre, A.-L., Bouscayrol, A., Trigui, R.: ‘Flexible real-time control of a hybrid energy storage system for electric vehicles’, IET Electrical Systems in Transportation, 2013, 3, (3), pp. 79-85

IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution Premium Award

Shahnia, F., Chandrasena, R.P.S., Rajakaruna, S., Ghosh, A.: ‘Primary control level of parallel distributed energy resources converters in system of multiple interconnected autonomous microgrids within self-healing networks’, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 2014, 8, (2), pp. 203–222

IET Image Processing Premium Award

Chouhan, R., Jha, R. K., Biswas, P. K.: ‘Enhancement of dark and low-contrast images using dynamic stochastic resonance’, IET Image Processing, 2013, 7, (2), pp. 174-184

IET Information Security Premium Award

Li, X., Du, J.: ‘Adaptive and attribute-based trust model for service-level agreement guarantee in cloud computing’, IET Information Security, 2013, 7, (1), pp. 39-50

IET Intelligent Transport Systems Premium Award

Shankar, R., Marco, J.: ‘Method for estimating the energy consumption of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles under real-world driving conditions’, IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 2013, 7, (1), pp. 138-150

IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation Premium Award

Kim, S., Cook, B., Le, T., Cooper, J., Lee, H., Lakafosis, V., Vyas, R., Moro, R., Bozzi, M., Georgiadis, A., Collado, A., Tentzeris, M.M.: ‘Inkjet-printed antennas, sensors and circuits on paper substrate’, IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, 2013, 7, (10), pp. 858-868

IET Nanobiotechnology Premium Award

Khorsand, F., Riahi, S., Fard, S.E., Kashanian, S., Naeemy, A., Larijani, B., Omidfar, K.: ‘Development of 3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase enzyme biosensor based on carbon nanotube-modified screen-printed electrode’, IET Nanobiotechnology, 2013, 7, (1), pp. 1-6

IET Networks Premium Award

Mavromoustakis, C.X., Mastorakis, G., Bourdena, A., Pallis, E.: ‘Energy efficient resource sharing using a traffic-oriented routing scheme for cognitive radio networks’, IET Networks, 2014, 3, (1), pp. 54-63

IET Optoelectronics Premium Award

Paudel, R., Ghassemlooy, Z., Le-Minh, H., Rajbhandari, S.: ‘Modelling of free space optical link for ground-to-train communications using a Gaussian source’, IET Optoelectronics, 2013, 7, (1), pp. 1-8

IET Power Electronics Premium Award

Xu, J., Xie, S., Tang, T.: ‘Evaluations of current control in weak grid case for grid-connected LCL-filtered inverter’, IET Power Electronics, 2013, 6, (2), pp. 227–234

IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation Premium Award

Jau, P.-H., Tsai, Z.-M., Kuo, N.-C., Kao, J.-C., Lin, K.-Y., Chang, F.-R., Yang, E.-C., Wang, H.: ‘Signal processing for harmonic pulse radar based on spread spectrum technology’, IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation, 2014, 8, (3), pp. 242-250

IET Renewable Power Generation Premium Award

Serban, I., Teodorescu, R., Marinescu, C.: ‘Energy storage systems impact on the short-term frequency stability of distributed autonomous microgrids, an analysis using aggregate models’, IET Renewable Power Generation, 2013, 7, (5), pp. 531-539

IET Science, Measurement & Technology Premium Award

Lay-Ekuakille, A., Griffo, G., Vergallo, P.: ‘Robust algorithm based on decimated Padè approximant technique for processing sensor data in leak detection in waterworks’, IET Science, Measurement & Technology, 2013, 7, (5), pp. 256-264

IET Signal Processing Premium Award

Gu, Y., Ding, F., Li, J.: ‘State filtering and parameter estimation for linear systems with d-step state-delay’, IET Signal Processing, 2014, 8, (6), pp. 639-646

IET Software Premium Award

Bertolino, A., Daoudagh, S., Lonetti, F., Marchetti, E., Schilders, L.: ‘Automated testing of eXtensible Access Control Markup Language-based access control systems’, IET Software, 2013, 7, (4), pp. 203–212

IET Systems Biology Premium Award

Chuang, C.-H., Lin, C.-L., Chang, Y.-C., Jennawasin, T., Chen, P.-K.: ‘Design of synthetic biological logic circuits based on evolutionary algorithm’, IET Systems Biology, 2013, 7, (4), pp. 89-105

IET Wireless Sensor Systems Premium Award

Kumar, D.: ‘'Performance analysis of energy efficient clustering protocols for maximising lifetime of wireless sensor networks’, IET Wireless Sensor Systems, 2014, 4, (1), pp. 9-16