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Dr Ediz Cetin

Vol 50, No 19

Featuring terahertz imaging, artificial magnetic conductors & GPS interferen...

11 September 2014
Since the work reported in his paper Küstler has demonstrated diamagnetic levitation of multiple objects using a single magnet. Here three pieces of pyrolytic graphite are levitated freely over a single multipole NdFeB magnet

Vol 50, No 18

Featuring diamagnetic levitation, particle accelerators & laser chips…

28 August 2014
Dr Stefan Kundermann (L) and Dr Steve Lecomte (R) working on the optical frequency comb

Vol 50, No 17

Featuring battery-free defibrillation, optical frequency combs & microchemis...

14 August 2014
Dr Zhigang Wang

Vol 50, No 16

Featuring metamaterial-based wireless power transfer, laser power amplifiers &am...

31 July 2014
The prototype device operates as a filter and an antenna simultaneously, providing each function through separate ports

Vol 50, No 15

Featuring single sensor knee motion analysis, potential PROMFA elements & LE...

17 July 2014
Dr Hirotaka Ono

Vol 50, No 14

Featuring RFTA temperature sensors, SDM inter-core crosstalk & starting brus...

03 July 2014
Dr Zingyou Zhang

Vol 50, No 13

Featuring high-Q antenna thermal loss, TSV fin defects & nano-power analogue...

19 June 2014
Dr Abdelhalim Slimane

Vol 50, No 12

Featuring images via body channel, Ghost Stochastic Resonance & LNAs in RFIC...

05 June 2014
Dr Vit Sipal

Vol 50, No 11

Featuring magneto-acoustic imaging, real-time Thz imaging and antennas as phase ...

22 May 2014
Jongwon Park

Vol 50, No 10

Featuring haptics for surgeons, cat robotics & 3D-printed substrates…

08 May 2014
Pixel sensors

Vol 50, No 09

Featuring nanoscale QD photodetectors on silicon, low cost neutron detection &am...

29 April 2014
Jungsuk Kim (L) and Bill Dunbar (R)

Vol 50, No 08

Featuring foam antennas, optical parametric oscillators and nanopores with DNA s...

10 April 2014
Tripod scanning stage based on three x7r mlccs for an atomic force microscopy afm

Vol 50, No 07

Featuring non-contact health sensors, harmonic self-mode-locking in VECSELs &...

27 March 2014
fabric dual-band WLAN antenna

Vol 50, No 06

Featuring fake fingerprints, Schiffman shifters & wearable antennas for seni...

13 March 2014
miniaturised optical probe used in the work made using flexible printed circuit technology

Vol 50, No 05

Featuring coherent real-time photonic THz, implantable NIRS probes & FSSs fo...

27 February 2014
the human skull is a complicated object to image due to its variable tissue densities

Vol 50, No 04

Featuring microwave tomography for strokes, versatile electrostatic torsional mi...

13 February 2014


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