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Jungsuk Kim (L) and Bill Dunbar (R)

Vol 50, No 08

Featuring foam antennas, optical parametric oscillators and nanopores with DNA s...

10 April 2014
Tripod scanning stage based on three x7r mlccs for an atomic force microscopy afm

Vol 50, No 07

Featuring non-contact health sensors, harmonic self-mode-locking in VECSELs &...

27 March 2014
fabric dual-band WLAN antenna

Vol 50, No 06

Featuring fake fingerprints, Schiffman shifters & wearable antennas for seni...

13 March 2014
miniaturised optical probe used in the work made using flexible printed circuit technology

Vol 50, No 05

Featuring coherent real-time photonic THz, implantable NIRS probes & FSSs fo...

27 February 2014
the human skull is a complicated object to image due to its variable tissue densities

Vol 50, No 04

Featuring microwave tomography for strokes, versatile electrostatic torsional mi...

13 February 2014
new multicycle rapid thermal anneal technique

Vol 50, No 03

Featuring a continuous BP monitor, high-V GaN devices & higher order mode fi...

30 January 2014
Frequency selective surfaces can convert linearly polarised waves to circularly polarised waves

Vol 50, No 02

Featuring nano-scale modelling of PCM, VCSELs and a polarisation transforming FS...

16 January 2014
Chris Toumazou and Ian White

Vol 50, No 01

The first issue of our 50th year features interviews with our current & foun...

02 January 2014
prototype of the dual-concentric

Vol 49, No 25

Featuring RFID-based food monitoring and greater depths in high frequency ultras...

05 December 2013
scanning electron micrographs of a laser facet

Vol 49, No 24

Featuring high-power fibre-coupled 2.05µm DFB lasers for lidar, and a rethink on...

21 November 2013
Radar system

Vol 49, No 23

Featuring optimised memristors, aircraft recognition, and temperature compensate...

07 November 2013
Antenna filled with EGaIn

Vol 49, No 22

Featuring microfluidic reconfigurable antennas, textile electronics and FBG stra...

24 October 2013
The team at the University of Hyogo

Vol 49, No 21

Featuring reduced-loss TF solar cells and liquid crystal phase shifters…

10 October 2013
Spin transfer torque magnetic tunnel junction memory device

Vol 49, No 20

Featuring superconducting mixers, spin transfer memory and long range RFID…

26 September 2013
molecular communication testbed and receiver's molecular sensor and signal processing board

Vol 49, No 19

Featuring molecular communication and the first 19µm antimonide QCL …

12 September 2013
Silica aerogel

Vol 49, No 18

Featuring silica aerogel for more efficient MOX gas sensors…

29 August 2013


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