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Microwave Passive Direction Finding unifies direction finding (DF) theory and brings together into a single source wide-ranging information on the technology of measuring the direction-of-arrival of microwave signals. 

Throughout the material, there is authoritative information useful to preparing a detailed technical proposal for new business that has been compiled from many years of defense industry presentations, reports, and systems development. Diagrams and photographs of state-of-the-art equipment depict the methods discussed, and equations and charts facilitate a hands-on approach to calculating system performance. The book also presents rarely published systems concepts, such as digital preprocessing, supercommutation, and wide RF bandwidth signal detection methods. 

Specific sections cover evolution and use of monopulse passive DF receiver theory, design of antenna elements for conformal DF coverage, receiver configurations, DF antenna arrays, interferometer DF techniques, computation methods for signal detection, probability of detection, accuracy of DF systems, and signal processing and display methods. 

More than any book on this technology, Microwave Passive Direction Finding anticipates the questions that arise in the DF design process. The chapters are organized to stand alone, making the book useful as a text/reference for the practicing engineer. At the same time, the material is organized inductively, so that it can be used for a college or seminar text.

Book contents

Chapter 1: Evolution and Uses of Passive Direction Finding - Evolution 

Chapter 2: DF Receiver Theory - Evolution of Rotating DF Systems 

Chapter 3: Antenna Elements for Microwave Passive Direction Finding 

Chapter 4: DF Receiver Configuration - DF Radar Warning Receivers 

Chapter 5: DF Antenna Arrays - Passive Detection Arrays 

Chapter 6: Interferometer DF Techniques - Mathematics of Interferometry 

Chapter 7: Methods for Signal Detection - Crystal Video Receiver 

Chapter 8: Probability of Detection - False Alarm Probability 

Chapter 9: Accuracy of DF Systems - Antenna Accuracy for Multibeam Systems 

Chapter 10: Signal Processing and Display Methods 

Chapter 11: Future Trends

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