High Voltage Power Network Construction

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  • Book title: High Voltage Power Network Construction

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  • Year: 2018

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High Voltage Power Network Construction examines the key requirements, considerations, complexities and constraints relevant to the task of high voltage power network construction - from design, finance, contracts and project management to installation and commissioning - with the aim of providing an overview of the holistic end to end construction task in a single volume.

About the Author

Keith Harker has spent virtually the whole of his career with the UK electrical supply industry with experience spanning transmission, distribution and generation engineering. In more recent years he has held a number of senior positions in power network construction with the National Grid Company with responsibilities that have included design, project management, health and safety, quality management, engineering competency and technical assurance. He has written numerous papers on power engineering and is the author of an earlier book on the subject of power system commissioning and maintenance practice. He is currently concerned with both consultancy and lecturing in power engineering and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Book readership

This comprehensive reference is a must-read for engineers and researchers with high voltage network construction related responsibilities, as well as a further reading for advanced students in related subjects.

Book contents

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Chapter 1: Construction Execution Model
Chapter 2: Power Network Legal and Technical Performance Requirements
Part 1: Technology
Chapter 3: Power System Design Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Power System Fault Analysis
Chapter 5: HV Network Design
Chapter 6: Overhead Line Design
Chapter 7: High Voltage and Auxiliary Cable Design
Chapter 8: Substation Design
Chapter 9: Substation HV Equipment Design
Chapter 10: Protection and control Systems Design
Chapter 11: Impressed Voltage
Chapter 12: Substation Earthing Design
Chapter 13: Civil, Structural and Building Engineering Design
Chapter 14: Detail Design, Manufacture, Site Installation
Chapter 15: Equipment Commissioning – Technical
Part 2: Construction Quality Management Procedures
Chapter 16: Construction Delivery Models and Contracts
Chapter 17: Scheme Investment Procedure
Chapter 18: Construction Health and Safety Management
Chapter 19: Project Management Procedures
Chapter 20: Scheme Design Procedures
Chapter 21: Manufacture Procedure
Chapter 22: Site Installation Procedure
Chapter 23: Equipment Commissioning Procedure
Chapter 24: Project Stage by Stage
Chapter 25: Data Management
Part 3: Engineering Competence
Chapter 26: Engineering Competence

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