Scope: This unique book provides the reader with a thorough background in almost every aspect of lightning and its impact on electrical and electronic equipment. The contents range from basic discharge processes in air through transient electromagnetic field generation and interaction with overhead lines and underground cables, to lightning protection and testing techniques.

Book review

"...this is a good technical book on electrical discharges and lightning mechanisms" "...teachers in power engineering would find this book a useful addition to a power engineering course. Students and those interested in lightning and gaseous breakdown will find this book very easy to read and well worth the price of the book." John J. Shea, Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol.23, No.1, January/February 2007

Book readership

Valuable to anyone designing, installing or commissioning equipment which needs to be secured against lightning strikes, as well as being a sound introduction to research students working in the field.

Book contents

Charge Structure and Geographical Variation of Thunderclouds. Thunderstorm Electrification Mechanisms. Mechanism of Electrical Discharges. The Mechanism of the Lightning Flash. Computation of Electromagnetic Fields From Lightning Discharge. Mathematical Modelling of Return Strokes. The Effects of Propagation on Electric Radiation Fields. Interaction of Electromagnetic Fields Generated by Lightning With Electrical Networks. Lightning and EMC. Principles of Protection of Structures Against Lightning. Electrical Aspects of Lightning Strike to Humans.

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