MF/1 (Revision 5)

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MF/1 is a key industry Standard Model Form of General Conditions of Contract for the supply of electrical, electronic or mechanical plant with erection. In addition to its ‘General Conditions’ it also includes sets of additional unique ‘Special Conditions’.

This standard form of contract is recommended to be used by contracts officers in private and public sector organisations, mechanical and electrical engineers, facilities managers, lawyers and in-house legal representatives

Key benefits:

  • accommodates the views of purchasers, engineers and the manufacturing industry, resulting in a fair balance between Contractor and Purchaser
  • provides flexibility for the parties by providing ‘Special Conditions’ for particular requirements, such as:   
    • the provision by the Contractor of computer hardware and software (e.g. where the Works include a computerised control or monitoring system)
    • for payments that are to be determined by measurement
    • for sectional completion and damages for delay in completion of sections, and
    • for contracts which are subject to the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999
  • includes a suggested model form of Sub-Contract, suitable for use where the Main Contract is subject to MF/1 Conditions
  • provides a range of additional model contract documents, such as a Variation Order, a Taking-Over Certificate, a Notice of Delegation of Authority, Forms of Tender, of Agreement, of Defects Liability Demand Guarantee, of Performance Bond and a Form of Demand Bond
  • reflects accepted best practice and standards such as ICC terms

The updated 2010 Edition maintains the original principles of this lump sum contract but now incorporates

  • changes to seven main clauses, including Variations, Defects Liability, payment and default provisions
  • a Form of Parent Company Guarantee of the Contractor’s obligations
  • changes to the Form of Performance Bond
  • changes to the Form of Defects Liability Demand Guarantee

The MF/1 Model Form is accompanied by a Commentary on the Model Form of General Conditions of Contract – A practical guide for users of MF/1 Revision 5. This Commentary gives users practical help and guidance on the clauses of the MF/1 Conditions and the MF/1 contract documents and their interrelationship.

To understand how The Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 has amended MF/1 please read this document:


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