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This book presents the twin topics of singular perturbation methods and time scale analysis to problems in systems and control.  The heart of the book is the singularly perturbed optimal control systems, which are notorious for demanding excessive computational costs.  The book addresses both continuous control systems (described by differential equations) and discrete control systems (characterised by  difference equations).

 Another feature is the extensive bibliography, which will hopefully be of great help for future study and research.  Also of particular interest is the categorisation of an impressive record of applications of the methodology of singular perturbations and time scales (SPTS) in a wide spectrum of fields, such as circuits and networks, fluid mechanics and flight mechanics, biology and ecology and robotics.

Book contents

Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Singular Perturbation Method. Time-scale Analysis. Open-loop Optimal Control of Continuous Systems. Open-loop Optimal Control of Discrete Systems. Closed-loop Optimal Control of Continuous Systems. Closed-loop Optimal Control of Discrete Systems. References. Index.

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