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Distributed Feedback Semiconductor Lasers

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  • Year: 1998

  • Format: Hardback

  • Product Code: PBCS0100

  • ISBN: 978-0-85296-917-5

  • Pagination: 440pp.

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As laser diodes continue to increase in use and versatility so their design has become more sophisticated, requiring extensive physical and mathematical modelling. Concentrating on presenting a thorough analysis of DFB lasers from a level suitable for research students, the book emphasises understanding of fundamental principles and gives extensive coverage of computer aided modelling techniques. It is supported by a suite of Matlab programs. You can download these from the link below. If you experience any issues with the download, please contact

Download the Matlab program files here

Book review

"A wonderful book. Although it is principally a research review of the design and modelling of DFB lasers, this is a remarkably powerful and accessible text." Optical and Quantum Electronics, 1999

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