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IET Books and eBooks Catalogue 2017

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Latest titles


Cloud and Fog Computing in 5G Mobile Networks

This book presents frameworks and schemes that use devices from end-users or near-users to carry out storage, communication, computation and control in the network.


Large Scale Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

This essential reading explores the new approaches to meet these challenges, such as increasing interconnection capacity among geographical areas, hybridization of different distributed energy resources and building up demand response capabilities.


Power Quality in Future Electrical Power Systems

It deals with challenges such as the penetration of large-scale renewable energy generation, the advances in nonlinear loads, and increased electricity demands in the deregulated market.


Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of High Frequency Structures with MATLAB®

This book presents the theory of adjoint sensitivity analysis for high frequency applications through time-domain electromagnetic simulations in MATLAB®.


Wave and Tidal Generation Devices: Reliability and Availability

This book combines wind industry lessons with wave and tidal field knowledge to explore the main reliability and availability issues facing this growing industry.


Clean Energy Microgrids

This book describes the latest technology in microgrids and economic, environmental and policy aspects of their implementation, including microgrids for cold regions, and future trends.


Hydrogen Production, Separation and Purification for Energy

This book provides an overview of worldwide research in the use of hydrogen in energy development, the most innovative methods of production and the various steps necessary for the optimisation of this product.


Low Carbon Mobility for Future Cities: Principles and Applications

This book presents a cohesive work on the policy principles and practical applications to drive urban mobility services in tomorrow’s smart cities.

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