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Looking for new perspectives and technical developments? IET books in print and e-Book format cover all the key areas of engineering and technology.

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Members are entitled to a 35 per cent discount on books published by the IET (Note: discount applies to one copy per title only and currently only to the printed format). This includes the IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) which is the national standard in the UK and many other countries for the safety of electrical installations.

All content relating to the IET Wiring Regulations, including details of books and other publications, is now available on a dedicated IET website for the electrical industry.

Latest titles


Power Electronic Converters and Systems: Frontiers and Applications

This essential reading provides an overview of modern power electronic converters and systems, and their applications. Written by an international panel of forty-four experts, it is of interest to researchers and students working in power electronics.


Reliability of Power Electronic Converter Systems

This book outlines current research into the scientific modeling, experimentation, and remedial measures for advancing the reliability, availability, system robustness, and maintainability of Power Electronic Converter Systems (PECS) at different levels of complexity.

Front Cover of The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method in Electromagnetics with MATLABĀ® Simulations, 2nd Edition  

The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method in Electromagnetics with MATLAB® Simulations, 2nd Edition

This second edition has been expanded to include 5 entirely new chapters and several modified sections to cover advanced topics including; Total Field/Scattered Field Formulation, Dispersive Material Modeling, Analysis of Periodic Structures, Nonuniform Grid and Graphics Processing Unit Acceleration of Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method.

Front Cover of Modern Radar Detection Theory  
Modern Radar Detection Theory

This book is a comprehensive reference on the latest developments in adaptive radar detection. It explores the key algorithms used with advanced radar systems, such as airborne early warning, capable of operating in challenging scenarios with a plurality of man-made and natural interference sources.

Higher Order Techniques in Computational Electromagnetics  

Higher Order Techniques in Computational Electromagnetics

This book explains “high-order” techniques that can significantly improve the accuracy, computational cost, and reliability of computational techniques for high-frequency electromagnetics, such as antennas, microwave devices and radar scattering applications. 

Robust and Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems  

Robust and Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems

Most physical systems have uncertain or unmeasurable parameters and, since parametric uncertainty may degrade the performance of model predictive control (MPC), it is desirable to use mechanisms to update the unknown or uncertain parameters. One method is to apply adaptive extensions of MPC where parameter estimation and control are performed online. This book proposes such an approach, with a design methodology for adaptive robust nonlinear MPC (NMPC) systems in the presence of disturbances and parametric uncertainties. 

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The IET and McGraw-Hill have teamed-up to publish titles on the latest developments in engineering and computing for researchers, students and practitioners. Our partnership gives you 35% discount on more cutting-edge content in electrical and electronic engineering and communications technology.

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