IET as a thought leader

Strengthening the debate between engineers, policy-makers and wider society on technology solutions for 21st Century global issues.

Global Agenda The IET is increasingly directing engineering ‘thought leadership’ into public policy, academia, business and public debate.

That is because engineers and technologists are at the forefront of shaping solutions to today’s major challenges.  They have the ability to develop and implement complex and robust systems to meet society’s need for sustainable energy, smart technology, green transport and much more. 

So we are building stronger relationships between engineering professionals, policy-makers and the wider public, focussing on successful partnerships and developing excellent two-way communication and understanding with decision makers and influencers. With the IET’s unique position as an unbiased facilitator of debate, and our evidence-based approach to brokering solutions in complex environments, we have an authoritative voice on the issues that matter.

This will continue to raise public understanding of the role of engineers and technologists, and their recognition in society.

Through our thought leadership programme the IET is working on home energy, sustainable transport, connected health and cyber security. In all these areas we are working with government departments, academia and the private sector to ensure that engineers are at the heart of decision making and shaping the world of tomorrow.

Home energy revolution

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