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S986 - Motoring of the future


The Transport Committee is launching an inquiry on motoring of the future. This inquiry will examine how the UK Government can address developments in motoring technology, notably alternative fuels, safety improvements and driver aids.


The Committee is especially interested in the following questions: 

  1. Whether the Government has articulated a clear strategy for motoring? 
  2. How effective are the steps the Government is taking to support technological development in motoring and what actions it should be taking to develop the necessary financial and legal frameworks? 
  3. How effective the Government has been at setting its priorities for investment in research and development in motoring, and what further actions it needs to take? 
  4. Whether current research and development in, for example, alternative fuels, safety systems or driver aids, will make a significant impact on mass-market vehicles by 2040, and how likely are changes that would make motoring of the future profoundly different from motoring today? 
  5. How trends in motoring and patterns of vehicle ownership might shape transport planning, policy making and provision? 
  6. Whether current transport planning, policy making and provision are taking likely future developments into account and how planning, policy making and provision might need to change in the future? 
  7. What evidence there is to show that the Government is co-ordinating its policy making with other Governments and the European Union to achieve joined-up transport outcomes and to establish universal standards? 
  8. What role the Government has in ensuring that the UK has the necessary infrastructure - for example refuelling networks or vehicle-to-infrastructure data networks - to facilitate motoring of the future? 
  9. What steps the Government is taking to help UK business exploit new motoring technologies and whether there is scope for it to do more?

The IET Transport Policy Panel, on behalf of the IET Trustees propose submitting a response to this consultation and invite comments from members who have expertise in this area and have studied the consultation documents. In its capacity as a professional body the IET will confine itself to only addressing those questions that are within its area(s) of competence.

Members contributing are asked to state their relevant experience. All inputs will be treated confidentially in the production of a corporate view and individual contributors will not be named. “member” should be interpreted as IET technician members, members and fellows.

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