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S949 - Electricity Capacity Assessment 2013: Consultation on Methodology


“Electricity Capacity Assessment 2013: Consultation on Methodology” IET submission to Ofgem, 21 December 2012


The general methodology, based on existing modelling assumptions and data sets, appears fit for purpose for the short term but will become less valid as new types of generation are increasingly added. The IET would therefore like Ofgem and National Grid to focus on ensuring that the UK builds good data sets over the coming years so that better models can be developed. The Base Case is described by Ofgem as taking a cautious approach which implies that it will result in an overestimate of the risk to security to supply. This is important as the Base Case will be highly influential on any future decision by ministers to initiate a capacity auction. The submission discusses why assumptions regarding Winter Availability appear over pessimistic, and other examples.

Submission Details Submitted on 21 December 2012 to Ofgem

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Keywords and Search Terms Security of supply, Electricity markets, Capacity assessment, Capacity auction, Outage rate, Interconnectors, Demand side response, Loss of Load Expectation, LOLE