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S932 - Energy efficiency


Energy Efficiency: IET response to DECC Office of Energy Efficiency Deployment

Abstract The IET welcomed  the establishment by DECC of the Office of Energy Efficiency Deployment as this acknowledges energy efficiency as a vital part of the delivery of UK energy policy, on an equal footing with nuclear energy, fossil fuels with CCS, and renewables.    IET recommends that Government adopt a systems approach bearing in mind that the wider the boundaries of the system are drawn, the greater will be the opportunity for overall energy efficiency.  The importance of time-shifting of demand is stressed, given that in a system with variable renewable generation energy efficiency and carbon efficiency are not the same thing.  It also recommends careful consideration of the balance between legislation and incentives, making use of the considerable body of research now available in this area.   The IET would be pleased to assist the OEED in further understanding of a systems approach in framing and delivering policy outcomes.

Submission Details Submitted on 04 April 2012 to DECC Office of Energy Efficiency Deployment

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Keywords and Search Terms Energy use reduction, Low carbon energy, Energy efficiency, Behaviour change, Systems approach, Energy Storage, Heat pumps