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S875 - Inquiry on the role of the UK Space Agency


Inquiry on the role of the UK Space Agency: IET comments to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.


There are at least 30 major roles and associated activities which the UK Space Agency (UKSA) needs to be engaged in. The sheer task of tackling this list and assigning milestones and priorities gives a clear indication of why the UKSA is taking time to establish itself. Reference should also be made to the stated roles of the UKSA at the time of launch. It brings all UK civil space activities under one single management and replaces the British National Space Centre (BNSC). It co-ordinates UK civil space activity, supports academic research, and nurtures the UK space industry. It raises the profile of UK space activities at home and abroad. It works to increase the understanding of space science and its practical benefits. Finally, it inspires our next generation of UK scientists and engineers.

Submission Details Submitted on 31 August 2010 to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

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